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William Fernandez

William Fernandez

A few lessons from this program

William Fernandez, an interactive marketing professional, was at the Mixergy Forum on Growing Your Site’s Traffic. He said he could add to that discussion on Search Engine Optimization by explaining how to target in organic search.

You can hear our recorded interview below, but here are some of my notes:

Speed Up Your Tests

Before you commit to ranking high for set of keywords on Google’s search results, test them by buying keyword ads on Google. It’s a quick way to see if people who search for your keywords will buy what you’re selling.

Give Them The Text
Check out the way I linked to William. Notice that the anchor text is “William Fernandez, an interactive marketing professional.” That’s because when I asked William how I can link to him from my blog, he didn’t just give me his web address. He also gave me the anchor text. Apparently William wants Google to know that he’s an interactive marketing professional. When you give your users links to your site, he suggests that you do the same. Give them anchor text that includes your keywords.

(By the way, having that text helped me blog about him too.)

Use The Tools
These are the three keyword tools that we talked about: Google Keyword Tool, SEO Book, and Wordtracker.

[Thank you CitrusByte, LA’s development ninjas, for introducing me to William]

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