Founders Of Posterous, Heyzap And Etacts On Getting Funded By Y Combinator

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I tried something new in this program. To help me understand how the seed venture firm Y Combinator helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their startups, I invited not one guest as I usually do, but three founders of three different companies. Each entrepreneur talked about how he got into Y Combinator, how the program helped launch his startup and what it did for him after he left the program.

The Startups

  • daphneho

    Andrew I'm impressed by your energy!!! wow…how do you manage to put up one interview a day? I'm impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is great Andrew. Looking forward to share this with some colleagues on a strategy meeting tomorrow. From all the podcasts I download through iTunes, yours is always the first one I click on to watch. Keep it up and be careful in, Patagonia? Later!

  • So the first time around you tried tinychat. What did you use this time, Andrew? All in all, considering the foursome, lag was very good.

  • TinyChat again. Last time my office had Internet trouble. No one else
    noticed because they don't need much bandwith. It was fixed by today.

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  • Felix Kitaka

    No transcript this time? My bandwidth can't let me watch the video.

  • very very very insightful!! Thanks!

  • NIL808

    Technical difficulties aside, these videos are getting better and better.

    Selfishly, I hope you don't get too famous. I love the raw, intimate feel of the interviews. Each interview feels like an accidental run-in with a superstar. You know, the kind your friends will never believe. They are so inspirational! I can see why you said “this is the site I wish I had.”

    What you are doing is literally changing lives and quite possibly the world. Good job.

  • Now we are talking, Mixergy suddenly got interesting, good work Andrew ;)

  • Thanks. What part of this excited you?

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  • Well , the concept to interview 3 at the same time, which could lead to a small talkshow.
    Its like Jay Leno interviewing 3 stars and we are the audience.

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  • Actually, Andrew did 2 interviews that day. This one was straight after his interview with Howard Lindzon – which I am sure he will be posting soon. And he was (still is) sick that day. That is to say it took a lot of determination and sweat in startups, and Andrew is a true entrepreneur.

  • This is a nice intro into finding finance and help for the start up idea – each journey is slightly different, but broadly fits the same need for credibility, determination and sustainability.

  • juanchaparro

    Andrew…great stuff!…Im actually applying to YC so this came in handy.

  • tf

    cool interview on the inside workings of Y combinator.

  • tf

    cool interview on the inside workings of Y combinator.

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