How To Get The World Excited About Your Business

Want to get the world excited about your business without spending all your money on ads and public relations? In this program, James Siminoff teaches you how. He’s the founder and CEO of PhoneTag, a service that converts voicemail to text. James built his business by becoming an evangelist and building excitement for his company.

James Siminoff

James Siminoff


James Siminoff is the founder and CEO of PhoneTag, a service that converts voicemail to text.

A few lessons from this program

Here are some of the techniques he talked about in this Mixergy program:

Hunt for media – At a conference, he and his people hunted down every reporter they could find and walked them through the PhoneTag system.

Charge – Unlike most web services, James charged for PhoneTag. That made his service feel more valuable when he gave it away to bloggers, influencers and media. So they looked at it more carefully and were grateful to him for the gift.

Talk back – When anyone complained online about voicemail, James got an alert about it and he emailed the person who complained to expalain how his service solves voicemail problems. That helped him grow evangelists.

Make it sexy – James says it’s a company’s responsibility to make its message sexy–and then spread that message. Once, when he was on a plane, he told the person sitting next to him about PhoneTag. That conversation led to a business deal where James’s company was plastered on New York City taxies.

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