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How To Build Your Business
With An Army Of Free Help

I recorded this video course on how to recruit and motivate interns because I’ve been freakin’ exhausted from building Mixergy and it’s time for me to get some help. If you’re in a similar situation, let’s learn together from someone who’s doing it right.

I asked Noah Kagan to teach because I’ve watched him grow his company, AppSumo, with an army of interns. They blog for him, write his sales pages and even help him find partnerships. That’s how he builds profitable companies leanly.

Plus, unlike a lot of CEOs, Noah has system for making sure people his people constantly grow. That’s why his interns often go on to take paid positions.

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Who’s leading this course?

Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo, a popular site for deep discounts on web apps.

Previously, he co-founded Gambit. Before that, Noah helped launch Facebook and Mint.

What will you learn?

How to avoid the big mistakes

You’ll see screenshots of how most companies recruit interns and understand why the most common approach doesn’t work.

Where to find the right interns

You’ll learn the best and easiest place to find interns — and see why most companies never think of it.

Exactly what to email colleges

You’ll get the exact email Noah sends out, including the one statement that will motivate colleges to give priority to your request for interns.

Why you should make the process hard

You’ll learn a screening process that will challenge prospective interns and ensure you only consider people who are hard-working and reliable.

How to make sure they’re motivated

You’ll get an easy-to-implement system for making sure your interns keep growing and learning on the job.

What’s next?

Over the coming weeks I’m going to recruit interns for Mixergy using the exact process Noah teaches. Hiring someone who’s not a good fit can cost thousands of dollars and be a disaster. I know from experience. I’d much rather go with a proven system and find the right interns.

Get the course and let’s use it together.

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