Could you help me land these interviews?

I’m Alex. I book interviews on Mixergy and I could use some help finding a few great guests.

If you know anyone from this list, could you shoot me an email at with their contact info?

Katia Beauchamp & Hayley Barna of Birchbox
Todd Wagner of
David Litman of
Marc Lore & Vinit Bharar of

If you have a great candidate for Mixergy that’s not on this list, tell us here. If they’re a good fit, we’ll make it happen.

Thanks in advance guys!

  • schof

    I’ll ask my contact at Birchbox for you.

  • Andrew Warner

    Thanks, buddy!

    Good seeing you last month. I’ll miss you and your family after the move.

  • Jer Ayles-Ayler

    Do you have a link to your specific criteria when making your determination? I’ve been a premium member for quite some time and I DO LISTEN to all your interviews in their entirety. The courses are GREAT and worth every penny. I know what appeals to me but I’m somewhat uncertain as to who “makes the cut” with Andrew. I made one recommendation in the past (certainly was not me) but I received zero feedback. Don’t want to waste your time or those of us who support you!

    Jer – Trihouse

  • Jer Ayles-Ayler
  • wizzra

    I think that Andrew Kramer from must be on Mixergy!!!

  • wizzra

    depends on success i guess.. it’s always great to go after people who ‘made it’ big and try contact with them.. but it is harder too, and the value from those are much greater than others

  • Pete Sveen

    Hi Alex! I love the interviews you guys do and have been following Andrew for quite a while. I have a couple ideas for you at the moment. – I interviewed the founder of Little Duck Organics a while back and he is a 28 year old entrepreneur with a company that makes organic snacks for kids. His snacks are in over 4000 retail stores including all Whole Foods Stores. If you want an introduction I’d be happy to help out. They are based out of Brooklyn, NY. I just saw the interview Andrew did with Jaime Tarde over at eventual millionaire. Good stuff. I also know the founder of (software company with over 40,000 clients thus far) would be up for it as well. They are a Montana company (where I am based). I’d be happy to introduce you. He is a real good guy and is a great interview. I could introduce you to the founder of as well if you’d like. Cheers – Pete (you can find my contact info at )

  • Ade Lack

    Really hope you get this one. It would be great to hear about the logistics of purchasing and shipping actual physical products at different stages of a startups growth. Like wise with promotions and marketing tactics when you can’t just give software away free and rely on the upsell.

  • Andrew Warner

    I’m sorry. I guess we should be clearer. Do you feel comfortable saying who you suggested here or would you rather talk privately?

    The focus for interviewees is on tech founders who 1) had a big exit or 2) are generating big revenues or 3) had a big failure that we can learn from.

    I sometimes screw up and discover during the interview that the person isn’t a good fit and the audience lets me and the guest know via email how much I screwed up. But I don’t hide my mistakes. Even my bad interviews get published.

  • Ricarte Rivera

    To get and interview with Todd Wagner email Kristin Kelly (his media person)

  • Andrew Warner


  • AlexChampagne

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks for the comment!

    The URL you listed for your contact info wouldn’t load.

    Would you mind shooting me a quick email so we can get the ball rolling?

    My email is

  • AlexChampagne

    Sent Kristin an email — thanks Ricarte!

  • Karen Tiede

    Please please please if/when you talk to Birchbox, ask them about their Pinterest program.

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