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What they really want is…

If you’re reading this, you already know that entrepreneurs are impossible to shop for. They’ve already bought every gadget you’ve heard of, and they have exotic tastes in books and movies.

If you’re shopping for an entrepreneur, your best bet is to avoid STUFF altogether. They don’t need any more stuff.

What entrepreneurs really want is to build an empire, to start a movement, to do something insanely great. Deep down inside, you know that, right?

But you also know…

But you also know that you can’t very well go and BUY SOMEONE AN EMPIRE, right?

What you can do is help an ambitious person reach their vision.

When you give the gift of a Mixergy Premium Membership, you’re giving the ambitious person in your life access to hundreds of courses and interviews that will help them leave a mark on the world, and build something great.

Mixergy’s programs feature proven founders, like the founders of Zappos, Wikipedia and Living Social.

Who else agrees?

Every month, hundreds of new ambitious members join Mixergy Premium, not just because they believe it guides them to thousands of dollars in profits, but because it helps them think through solutions to their toughest problems.

A year from now, when your friend looks back on the gifts he got over the holidays, how much of that STUFF will have been long forgotten? If you give a Mixergy Premium Membership, I believe your gift will be THE ONE that’s still remembered. Why? Because it’s unique (can’t buy this at your local Walmart, right?) and because it’s the gift that will change your friend’s life.

What about the biggest question?

But what if I’m wrong? What if your friend doesn’t love this membership? In that case, I’ll give you a full refund. My name is all over this site. The founders who do interviews and lead courses on Mixergy come here based on my reputation. I would never let you down because it would be like letting all of them down.

Ready to buy now? If you are, you can give this gift instantly, no waiting in line, no waiting for shipping, no waiting for anything.

Andrew Warner

What’s included:

Proven Courses

How to launch a business
How to get traffic
How to land customers
How to get PR
How to build mobile apps
How to systemize your business
How to hire interns

Case Studies & Interviews

Groupon’s founder on how to launch
Wikipedia’s founder on how to crowd source content
LinkedIn’s founder on how to find the right idea using the right criteria
Living Social’s founder on how to evaluate options using real data
Corcoran’s founder on how to get out of a financial jam.

All-Access Membership

Your gift membership will begin on January 2, 2012, right in time to help your recipient start the new year fresh.

Membership is all-access. Any paid portion of Mixergy will magically become accessible.


“Classes on are probably the best learning resources out there. It kind of makes me think I wasted a lot of years on forums when I could have received those years in 55:00 minutes of videos.”
Sergiu Poenaru
Marketplace Manager,


“I have LOVED 90% of the courses I have taken. The course on Facebook was so helpful that it easily trumped a course that is currently selling for $997.”
Bonnie Fahy
Founder, Ellan Media

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