I got this great email from Michael Cyger, of KnowPro Apps:

I’m a distance runner who’s taken some time off and am getting back into it.

My iPod Shuffle music mix gets stale pretty quickly now that I’m back running daily. After discovering I could download the MP3s of your interviews to my Shuffle and listen while I run, I’m finding myself moving quickly from 2 miles per day to 4-6 miles a day just so I can enjoy listening to an entire interview on one run.

My run is the time outside the office where I can think about strategic business topics, and having inspirational interviews only fosters that.

The problem is, unfortunately, that while I’m running daily your interviews are only happening a few times a week. At some point I will run out of interviews and it will be your fault for my reverting back to only running a few times a week. You have a choice…live with it, or move to daily interviews. I hope it’s the latter. :)

I have 3 responses to this email:

1) I post a new interview on Mixergy every weekday!

I’ve done that for about 10 months — since I got to Buenos Aires. (In fact, that’s why I came here.) So Michael (and everyone reading this) has more than enough material to keep exercising.

2) This really is the best way to take in my work.

Every single interview I’ve done has an MP3 version. Toss it on your MP3 player and go for a run or bike ride or anything active. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks is what got me to train for marathons and 100-mile bike rides. If you let yourself get lost in the stories, you’ll find you can get lost in the workout.

3) Thanks!

I’m always curious about how people take in my work and what they think of it. I hope others let me know too.