Before I invite you to have dinner with a Mixergy interviewee in your city, I have to address the objections that will probably pop into your head.

You’re busy. Or shy. Or are in ‘heads down’ mode. Or just don’t believe in being social because you have big plans to work on.

Is that you? Am I close?

Any way, I was like that. I kind of still am.

Back when I ran my first company, I grumbled the whole flight out to California from New York. Nobody forced me to do it, but I kept kicking myself for flying out to meet a competitor instead of sitting at my desk and getting “real work” done. Then that competitor taught me how I could use lead gen in my business, which made my startup insanely profitable. And we became good friends.

People don’t give competitors that kind of advice online. But haven’t you found that something magical can happen to a relationship when it goes offline?

That’s why I want you to come to dinner with past Mixergy guests.

These are people who could teach you move about your business in 10 minutes than you’ll learn in hours of sitting in front of your computer.

So, go to GrubWithUs and join Mixergy interviewees & fans for dinner in your city.