This guide is based on Mixergy’s course with Jeffrey Harmon.

Jeffrey Harmon saw that Orabrush’s $50,000 infomercial sold fewer than 100 tongue cleaners, so when he came aboard he created videos that convinced prospects to buy and sold 10,000 tongue cleaners in six weeks. It was all done by building a brand with video, so we invited him to teach you how to do it.

Jeffrey is Chief Marketing Officer at Orabrush, which makes the world’s most effective tongue cleaner.

Here are the actionable highlights from the course.

1. Create a video for your landing page to increase conversions

Jeffrey created a video that explains how to tell if you have bad breath, and when he put it on the Orabrush landing page it increased conversions by 300%.

Take Action:
Make a video showing why people need your product and how your product works, and embed it in your landing page.

2. Test three videos to see which one improves conversions the most

Jeffrey created three unlisted YouTube videos and tested them on his site, and when he found that one video raised conversions more than the others, he made it public on YouTube.

Take Action:
Buy AdWords ads for three videos about your product, use an A/B testing software like Optimizely to learn which one increases your landing page conversions the most, and show that video on your YouTube channel.

3. Get a sponsored channel on YouTube to send viewers to your website

Jeffrey promotes Orabrush on YouTube with a sponsored channel, and his contract allows him to link to the Orabrush homepage from his channel’s banner and from annotations in videos.

Take Action:
Talk to an AdWords representative to set up a sponsored channel, and ask for features with external links.

4. Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel so they’ll see all the videos you post

Jeffrey asks people to subscribe to Orabrush’s channel at the end of every video, and he now has 146,000 subscribers who receive a notification whenever he posts a new video.

Take Action:
Add a message to the end of your videos asking viewers to subscribe to your channel.

5. Post a new video every week to keep subscribers interested in your brand

Jeffrey says that a fitness coach posts a video with different exercise tips each week, and it keeps his 156,000 subscribers engaged.

Take Action:
Each week, post a two- to five-minute video that features humorous content or useful information about your product.

6. Include calls to action in your videos so viewers will respond

Jeffrey says that Orabrush’s total views are only 15% of Old Spice’s total views, but Orabrush has almost caught up to Old Spice in subscribers because Orabrush uses calls to action and Old Spice doesn’t.

Take Action:
Insert calls to action in your videos asking viewers to add your videos to their “favorites,” write comments, and watch again next week.

Written by Sarah Brodsky, based on production notes by Jeremy Weisz