There’s a reason most internet marketers use webinars to sell: they work.

However, they can only work if prospects show up…

So how do you get people to register and actually attend?

That’s what Robert Coorey is here to teach.

Robert,  author of Feed a Starving Crowd, knows the secret formula to get thousands of registrants and attendees.

For instance, he helped one of his clients, a nutritionist, get more than 7,000 people to register for her webinar. “Most people are lucky to get 100 or 200 on a webinar, but this was just an absolutely out-of-the-park, raging success because we did everything right,” he says.

And so many attended that they couldn’t even use GoToMeeting, which maxes out at 1,000 attendees. “It just couldn’t handle that kind of volume,” says Robert.

In his Mixergy course, Robert shows you how to get a massive audience for your webinar. Here are three highlights from the course.

1. Feed Your Starving Crowd

Your prospects have a problem, and you know you can solve it.

However, if you want them to show up for your webinar, you have to convince them that you can solve it.

“You can definitely run a webinar and get people to come, but you’re not going to get thousands and thousands if you haven’t got proof,” says Robert. “What they want to know is, do you actually have a solution, and can you help me?”

So how do you prove you can help them?

Throw them a bone

Share your success stories in your marketing.

For instance, for his nutritionist client, Robert had her share the results she’d gotten for her clients. “Her marketing wasn’t just saying, ‘Hey, come to the webinar, come to the webinar, come to the webinar,’” says Robert. “The marketing was, ‘Hey, here are the 10 pain points. We’re going to send you one email for each of these pain points and tell you a story about how someone had this challenge, then came to [me] and then got all fixed up as a result of the strategies that they learned. And we’re going to show you these strategies in the webinar.’”

And by sending her list 10 different stories, one about each of the 10 different ailments, they attracted a wide range of people. “If we just did one on bloating, we might have gotten less people, maybe about 2,000 or 3,000,” says Robert. “So by having all those different symptoms and addressing them all in one webinar…that’s why we were able to get such a large number.”

In the full course, you’ll find out what to do if you don’t have any case studies yet.

2. No Marketing Budget? No Problem!

If you’re just starting out, getting thousands of attendees might be a stretch.

But even 50-100 attendees isn’t bad. “If you could stand in front of a live audience and talk to 100 people, that’s still good, especially if you’re just getting started,” says Robert.

And, you don’t have to have a big marketing budget to get them to your webinar. “The thing is, you’ve got to make an investment somewhere. You’ve either got to invest your time and your sweat…or you can run ads if you have a budget to spend on that kind of stuff.”

So let’s say you’re just starting out and you’ve got more time than money…how do you get 50-100 attendees to your first webinar?

Roll up your sleeves

Contact your current audience everywhere they hang out.

“Get your hands dirty,” says Robert. “If you haven’t got an existing email database or if you haven’t got a budget for ads, what I teach my clients is to get down and dirty, and to contact your clients in every single channel that you have.”

That might be LinkedIn, Twitter, email, or even contacting people who gave you their business card.

“If you’ve got business cards stacked up, if some of those people would be interested in what you’re doing, you could email them once personally,” says Robert. “You can’t upload all those into a database and kind of blast them out, but if you met someone at a conference six months ago and they could come to your webinar, you can email them.”

And if you have about $2K for marketing? In the full course, you’ll find out how Robert would spend it to get more attendees to his webinar.

3. Partner Up the Old-School Way

Affiliates are a great way to get more attendees to your webinar, but you don’t have to do it the traditional way.

“The more traditional way is that you have an affiliate manager, and they approach 50 or 100 people that are in a similar category to you,” says Robert. “And they say, ‘Look, here’s what our offer is. Here’s the percent of commission that we pay. Here’s the landing page, here’s the copy, would you be open to doing this to your list?’”

But that’s not the approach Robert takes. “I just think it’s kind of been slammed, and I’d rather have fewer affiliate partners, but more dedicated ones,” he says.

So how do you get those dedicated affiliate partners?

Give and you shall receive

Remember the law of reciprocity.

“The easiest way is if you promote them first,” says Robert. “If you help someone first, they’re a lot more likely to help you later. That’s the very easiest way to do it, because it’s the lowest friction.”

For instance, he might reach out to someone and say, “Can I introduce you to my audience and promote your work?”

“Nearly every single person is going to say yes,” he says. “Why would you say no?”

And then there’s a good chance that they’ll return the favor when you need to promote your webinar.

Written by April Dykman.

In the full course, you’ll discover three more ways Robert gives something BEFORE he asks for anything.