This is one of the reviews I’m proudest of because it comes from Daniel Tenner, who many of you know through Hacker News, where his articles and comments rank high because they’re so well developed.

The review is incredibly detailed (and even includes Daniel’s breakdown of what he got out of the membership), but I think this excerpt explains one of the reasons people join:

If you’re running a business, there are almost certainly things that you know you should be doing (be that facebook advertising, or A/B testing, or getting more out of LinkedIn, etc), but you haven’t gotten around to spending the time to learn to do them properly. There are books about these topics, but then you have to go and spend time to find such a book, make sure it’s the right one, buy it, wait for it to be delivered (or read it on your Kindle), and actually spend hours reading the book!

So, you can find and buy a book on the topic, which will consume at least 8 hours or so of your time in total and cost you $10-20 for the typical book… or you can watch a Mixergy Premium video for $25/m, which will only take about 2 hours (making allowance for pausing the video and taking notes).

You can read the whole thing on Daniel Tenner’s blog, or you can chat with him on Twitter.