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-Andrew Warner

When I started my first company, I had no outside funding.

After a year, I was $50,000 in debt, and had a stack of credit cards three inches thick. But I decided to keep on going.

I’m proud that I did it, and that I believed in myself more than anyone else.

But I was also freaking out. I thought that I was crazy in taking this kind of risk.

And I was crazy.

I waited months for an angel investor to decide if he wanted to invest or not. (He didn’t.)

I thought relying on three big clients was OK. (It wasn’t.)

I didn’t build something users would pay for and counted on advertisers instead. (Big mistake.)

Despite it all, I ended up creating a Internet business with my younger brother with $30+ million in annual sales.

But I did it the hard way because I didn’t know better.

So after I sold my first company, I created Mixergy so people like me could learn proven tactics from successful founders.

I do that through interviews where founders tell their stories, and courses where founders teach solutions to issues that can cripple startups.

Our Founders Will Show You How
To Create A Successful Startup

Our courses and interviews help you tackle every challenge in starting your own business, like finding an idea, getting traffic, generating sales, running your startup, and getting funded.

But it all starts with finding an idea. So let’s start there.

Finding An Idea For Your Business

Here are just a few of the methods for finding your idea that you’ll learn in our interviews and courses:

  • The “Fantastic Four” questions that Cindy Alvarez uses to start customer interviews, along with the complete system she used to find eager buyers at KISSMetrics and Yammer.
  • The #1 mistake you can make during a customer interview.
  • How to avoid the “scratch their own itch” problem that dooms so many startups.
  • The one follow-up question that a founder learned never to skip after his first startup struggled (his next product grew so much, he spun it off into its own site).

Customer interviews aren’t the only way to find an idea. Here are a few other methods our founders have shared:

  • A step-by-step guide taught by Gabriel Machuret of ASO Ninja on how to find a profitable niche for a mobile app, even if you don’t have an app idea.
  • How a founder did more than talk to customers… He embedded himself into his customers’ lives and got his first paying customer on the second day he added the ability for customers to pay.
  • How a noob founder eliminated his risk by pre-selling his product to customers before making it. Oh, and his customers funded his entire budget for making the product, so he didn’t have to invest a cent.

Getting Traffic and Leads

Having an idea is just the first step. Here are a few tactics for generating traffic and leads that our founders have shared:

  • How to generate twice the leads with good copywriting (even if you’re not a copywriter) with easy copywriting formulas like: “end result customer wants” + “specific period of time” + “address the objections.”
  • The exact content marketing tactics that Leo Widrich used to grow Buffer to 100,000 users in just nine months.
  • The one thing you need to do before you start investing in SEO.

There’s more, including:

Powerful SEO tactics for ranking on profitable keywords (even after the next Google Dance shakes up search rankings)… How Derek Halpern of Social Triggers uses “squeeze pages” to capture emails (and how he nurtures those leads until they’re ready to buy)… How to find exactly which ads and sites are working for your competitors, so you can bypass the “media buying stupidity tax”… The trick to advertising on Facebook to reduce your cost per lead sharply…

Selling Online And Offline

Leads and prospects are valuable only if they turn into sales. Here are a few of our founders’ proven tactics for selling:

  • Why the fact that “No one cares about you” is the foundation for learning how to write copy that sells.
  • How a single change to your landing page can increase your conversions from search engine traffic.
  • The smart way to “split test” your site to double your sales with the same amount of traffic. (Hint: it’s not testing the color of your buttons.)
  • Where you should add a telephone number to your sales page to dramatically increase sales.

Speaking of using phones, businesses that actually talk to customers can hugely increase their sales. Our founders who have done that shared their insights, including:

  • How to sell on the phone by getting prospects happily talking to you within five minutes of them signing up as a lead.
  • Exactly how a sales-phobic founder closes sales over the phone, even though he never tries to close on the first call.
  • Justin Roff-Marsh of Ballistix explains why hiring a full-time commissioned salesperson first is a huge mistake (and exactly what you should do instead).

Plus, the one change in your attitude you need to make before you pitch your product, so your prospects won’t walk all over you… How a knife salesperson averaged 15 to 20 referrals from each customer, giving him an endless supply of people to call… And much more.

Running Your Startup

Startups can overwhelm even experienced founders. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This isn’t about “doing more with less time.” It’s about “systemizing” your business so that somebody besides you does all the work.

Here are some of the tips founders have told us kept their startups on track (and kept them sane):

  • Exactly how Nicholas Green of Ivy Insiders “systemized” every aspect of his business, including the software he used and how he set it up.
  • The one thing you need to set up before you start working with virtual assistants.
  • Why automating a procedure with software is the worst way of creating a “system” (and what you should do instead).

How To Get Funded

All the other “steps” that our founders teach will help you bootstrap your business without having to beg strangers for money.

But if you want to raise money to fund profitable growth, our founders can share their hard-won insights like:

  • The right way to use AngelList to turn the funding process upside down and gain the upper-hand over investors.
  • The exact formula that Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything, uses to create investor presentations that have raised over $400 million.
  • The crazy thing a founder did to attract the attention of a top-tier venture capitalist, and get him to invest.

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