Did you see them?

These are the top 10 interviews of 2017–the ones with the most views. They were popular for a reason, so I wanted to make sure you saw them before we head into 2018.


#1 How Sam Ovens helps people start their own consulting businesses

with Sam Ovens, founder of Consulting.com

I felt uneasy about an interview that I did with Sam Ovens in 2013. I worried that he misled me (and therefore you) about how big his company was.

Then I started hearing from people in his program. Like Sachit Gupta, who runs the agency that reps our podcast ads. The more research I did, the more I realized I was wrong about him.

So I had him back on Mixergy.

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#2 How did Adii Pienaar launch Conversio and generate $2M in revenue in 2 years?

with Adii Pienaar, founder of Conversio

A great company carefully considers every interaction with their customers. So why shouldn’t that include the email receipt you send when they buy from you?

Adii Pienaar saw a way to build customer relationship simply by offering a better email receipts. Learn more about how he does that in his Mixergy interview.

(Note: As it turned out, the receipt idea wasn’t big enough on it’s own, so Adii had to grow beyond it.)

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#3 Forget the million dollar idea…you don’t need one

with Dino Dogan, co-founder of Triberr

Dino Dogan built a business helping bloggers get more readers. Not exactly a million-dollar idea, but it didn’t have to be to turn into a successful business.

He says, “I noticed that in order to build this kind of a personal business, the personal relationship business, bloggers visited each other’s blogs, commented on each other’s blogs. I share your stuff with my audience, you share my stuff with your audience”

So what he did was multiply that personal interaction by 20 or 40.

He tells you how he did it, and he talks about his new project, a virtual incubator called MadeInNYC.com, in this interview.

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#4 Bootstrapping with social media (this is incredible)

with Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic are the founders of HiSmile

If you’re on YouTube or Instagram, you might have noticed a bunch of attractive people using HiSmile, a tooth whitening system.

That’s not because of a spontaneous outpouring of love. It’s a carefully orchestrated influencer marketing scheme hatched by two brothers.

It helped them bootstrap to the $10 million revenue mark in their first 18 months.

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#5 How the science of nonverbal communication can boost your sales

with Vanessa Van Edwards, founder The Science of People

There’s a person on the Mixergy team who couldn’t stop talking about Vanessa Van Edwards.

Apparently he took a 3-day course through CreativeLive, and it was revolutionary for him. In fact, it’s the #1 course on CreativeLive.

And get this: the course is on understanding body language. It helps people supercharge their careers, dates, and social lives with quick and easy people skills.

I ask her how she does that in her Mixergy interview.

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#6 How to persuade more prospects to become customers

with Bushra Azhar, founder of The Persuasion Revolution

Bushra Azhar built a business in a part of the world that you wouldn’t expect.

She’s the founder of The Persuasion Revolution, where small businesses make big bucks using the psychology of persuasion.

You’ll learn how she built her business and the persuasion techniques she teaches her customers in her Mixergy interview.

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#7 Sell an inexpensive physical product, make big money off continuity plans

with Trey Lewellen

Trey Lewellen sells things like flashlights.

How much profit can there possibly be in flashlights? Not much!

But there IS big revenue in the continuity he sells after someone buys the flashlight.

I wanted to understand his business model, so I had him on Mixergy to tell us how he does it.

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#8 I went swimming with a shark

with Daymond John, serial entrepreneur and costar on Shark Tank

I heard of Daymond John back when I was a kid and working in my dad’s store in Brooklyn.

One day this guy walked into the store wearing a FUBU logo. A few days after, it felt like everyone was walking around in FUBU, which stands for “For Us, By Us.”

I will always remember how authentic that brand was and the sense of pride people had when they wore it.

In this interview I wanted to find out how he built that company. I also wanted to find out about the investments he’s made on Shark Tank, and how he thinks about investing in companies.

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#9 A revolutionary way to influence and persuade

with Robert Cialdini, author of Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade

I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but I interviewed a founder once and I couldn’t figure out why his company was so successful.

His software was the same as his competition’s. What was so special about what he was doing? What was driving his success?

Then he told me…

His company was using influence techniques in their content. I said, “Wow, that reminds me of this book by Robert Cialdini called Influence.”

Turns out, that’s the book he’d been using. That’s why he was doing so well. It wasn’t just his software—it was his persuasion skills.

So I wanted to have Robert Cialdini, the guy who wrote the book on persuasion and pre-suasion, on Mixergy, to show us how it works.

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#10 How a former Amazon employee launched an aromatherapy company

with Peter Friis, founder of ESSIO

Peter Friis is a Mixergy listener who sent me an email saying he built his business and was ready to come on to tell his story.

We researched his business (like we do with all guests). When we saw how big it was, we invited him on Mixergy to talk about how he did it.

Peter is the founder of ESSIO, which makes the world’s first aromatherapy diffuser for the shower. In the interview, we talk about what that means and how he’s grown revenue for this company.

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