Here they are, Mixergy’s top 10 MOST VIEWED interviews of 2015. In case you missed them.–Andrew

#1 How to charge premium prices from day one (even if you’re an unknown)


with Selena Soo, founder of S2 Groupe

Selena was frustrated with doing PR work for clients, so instead she started teaching people how to create relationships that grow their businesses.
However, that’s NOT the reason we had her on Mixergy. We had her on Mixergy because she grew her own business SO FREAKIN’ FAST. Selena seemed to come out of nowhere, yet she charged premium prices very quickly. And even though she had a small audience, she grew her revenues fast. In her interview, you’ll learn how she did it.

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#2 Stories from The Howard Stern Show & more


with former head writer Jackie Martling, of

Why did The Howard Stern Show become so insanely successful? And what can startup founders learn from its success?
Jackie gives us an insider’s perspective in his Mixergy interview.

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#3 How to build a $100k business in six months…with less than $100


with Dana Severson, founder of StickinaBox

If you have a subscription biz, this is a must-see interview. Dana talks about the ups and downs of his subscription box business for jerky.
“The decision I made out of the gate was that if I’m not going to have a big budget for marketing, if I’m not going to go raise venture funding, I’m not going to pursue that path, I have to stand out,” he says. “And the only way, in my opinion, to stand out is to do something fun, do a fun brand.” He tells you how he did that in his Mixergy interview.

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#4 How he launched and sold in just 15 months


with Aaron Epstein, founder of Creative Market

Some founders start out by building a community before they sell anything. And one of the BIG benefits of having a community is that they help you build. They sign up for your beta. They become your first paying customers.
That’s the route that Aaron Epstein took, which led to launching Creative Market, an online marketplace where designers could sell their work directly to customers. In his interview, Aaron talks about how he launched and sold Creative Market in just 15 months.

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#5 How to build a startup without VC funding


with Anand Sanwal, founder of CB Insights

According to The New York Times, investors pumped $1.87 billion in education tech companies last year. Where does The Times get that number? From a company called CB Insights.
Founder Anand talks about how he came up with the idea for the company, how he developed it, how it evolved, and how he grew it into this huge company that businesses like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal depend on.

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#6 A surprising place to find your business idea


with Girish Mathrubootham, founder of Freshdesk

Girish says that a post in an online forum pushed him to build a startup. In the forum, customers of Zendesk were complaining about a 300% price increase. One person even said, “It just shows that if somebody can come and build the right product with the right set of features, they can take all of this market.” So that’s what Girish did. Get the full story in his Mixergy interview.

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#7 How to build an engaged community online


with Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt

Ryan is a long-time Mixergy fan who built a crazy-active community called Product Hunt. The site lists new products that are voted on by the startup and tech community.
However, this is the amazing thing: People don’t just look at the new products and gawk or criticize, they actually click to view the products. And the site generates three million of those clicks per month. Talk about engagement!

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#8 How Trello grew from idea to 6 million users


with Michael Pryor, CEO of Trello

Three years ago, we invited the cofounder of Trello to Mixergy to talk about how he launched his startup. This year, we invited Trello‘s other cofounder to Mixergy to talk about how the company grew to 6 million users.
In his Mixergy interview, Michael answers this question: How do you build a product in a way that’ll bring in more users?

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#9 How does Tim Ferriss achieve so much when he has so many inner doubts?


with Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Workweek, and host of The Tim Ferriss Experiment

Tim needs no introduction to the Mixergy audience. :-) However, as open as he is online, he was still full of surprises in this live interview from a Mixergy event in San Francisco.
Andrew expected to have to warm him up with some easy questions before asking him to talk about his inner doubts, but he just went for it. Why did he admit so much in front of a live audience? How can he do all the things he did in his new show, The Tim Ferriss Experiment, despite his doubts? And, more importantly, how can you quiet YOUR inner critic? Watch this interview and see for yourself.

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#10 From $0 to $20M…from a home office


with Tim Fargo, cofounder of Omega Insurance Services

Tim was the co-founder of Omega Insurance Services, which was bought by First Advantage.
If you’re thinking, “Insurance?” and wondering what that has to do with tech startups, listen to this interview anyway.
The story of how he built his business and sold it has lessons for ALL entrepreneurs, no matter your product or your niche. In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs purposefully study businesses in OTHER markets, so they can stand out in their own.

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