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Complimentary Campaign Audit from ViralSweep

As a special bonus offer to Mixergy listeners, if you become a paying ViralSweep customer, one of their co-founders will provide a complimentay campaign audit. The audit will include a deep dive into your campaign to provide advice and feedback to optimize your campaign for maximum performance.

This is the same campaign audit service that big companies pay $1,000 for, and it's FREE for any new ViralSweep customer!

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Complimentary Campaign Audit

Mixergy listeners who purchase any ViralSweep plan will receive a complimentary campaign audit.

This campaign audit will include in-depth advice and feedback on the campaign, with a focus on improvements or changes that can be made to increase conversions.

In addition, advice and feedback will be provided on the overall marketing strategy for the campaign.

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Campaign Audit — Get your complimentary campaign audit today. Learn More

This giveaway is sponsored by ViralSweep.

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