What Past Guests Asked Before Appearing on Mixergy

I tried to answer all the questions I’ve been asked by past interviewees, but if I missed anything, email Shelley. –Andrew Warner (the interviewer)

What will the interview cover?

We talk about how you built your business. Have you ever read a great biography of an entrepreneur you admire? This interview will be like an audio version of that experience.

What is the format?

We’ll record it via *video* Skype. When the interview is published, it’ll be available to the audience in these three formats: video, audio (mp3), and text (transcript).

How long is the interview?

Just one hour.

Who will see the interview?

Today, the audience is made up of young, tech entrepreneurs who build mobile apps, web-based SaaS companies, and similar businesses.

But your interview will be heard by generations of entrepreneurs. Seriously. I read Andrew Carnegie’s autobiography long after he died. His ideas shaped how I built a my previous business. I want my interview to enable you to have that kind of impact.

How big is the audience?

If this is an important question to you, then this isn’t the right interview for you. A better way to decide if you should do this interview is to ask the people that you respect most in the startup community why they did a Mixergy interview and what they thought of the experience.

What’s the next step?

Schedule a conversation with our producer to go over the contents of your interview, or email Shelley if you have any questions.