People often ask me, “You interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs on Mixergy. What do the successful ones have in common?”

To be honest, I don’t have a comprehensive list, but the one¬†commonality¬†I often see is a willingness to launch an unfinished product. Sometimes you can hear the shock in my voice as I learn how someone I admire launched a buggy first version. I’m always surprised that they’re willing to risk their reputations.

The section of Alex Bard’s interview where I ask him about Assistly‘s early days comes to mind as a good example of that.

I’m learning that an unfinished first version isn’t a risk at all. It’s probably the best path to success.

That’s why I was so impressed when I checked out the notification section of Leah Culver’s new site, Convore, and saw that it shipped with features that are very clearly marked “not yet implemented.”

Congratulations Leah!

(And thanks for the interview back in ’09!)