Have you ever really wanted to close a deal?

I’m not talking about getting a customer to spend $5 on your e-commerce landing page.

I’m talking about closing deals. Maybe it’s a small deal like convincing a new client to hire you to design their website. Or maybe it’s a large deal like negotiating with a CEO for a huge sale that will move your revenue needle.

Small or large, being able to close one-on-one deals can change the life of your startup.

To help you close those deals, we’re going to interview a founder whose business is built on strong sales skills. But to make it as useful as possible for you, we want you to tell us what you want to learn!

So leave a comment telling us the following:

  • If you sell one-on-one to customers, how do you do it? Do you sell on the phone, over email, or otherwise?
  • What do you sell?
  • What software are you using now to help you increase your sales?
  • What specific problems do you have when you’re trying to close a sale?

Include a link to your site if you want Andrew to show it to the sales expert during the interview and get specific feedback.

Now’s your chance: What would you want to know from a founder with a proven track record for closing one-on-one sales?