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About Gregg Spiridellis



Gregg Spiridellis co-founded JibJab in September 1999 with his brother Evan.  According to Wikipedia,  The “company achieved international acclaim during the 2004 US presidential election when their video of George W. Bush and John Kerry singing “This Land is Your Land” became one of the biggest viral video hits in history. Since the election, the Spiridellis Brothers have built JibJab into an online entertainment studio with 35 employees creating, producing and distributing original content, including sendable eCards and viral videos.”

[Thank you Mark Jeffrey for introducing me to Gregg.]

About this interview

I invited Gregg on to talk about how he launched and built JibJab into both a clever political satirist and a business. His story will be a chapter in my upcoming book on scrappy upstarts, so please give me input both before and after this interview.

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