These photos will show you how Soma went from idea to revolutionary design

A large part of what Mixergy is about is taking a business that seems perfect and breaking down how it got that way. My expectation is that if I break down for you how others built their companies, you could learn from it and build a successful business of your own. (When you do, I come back here and do an interview with me, so you could teach others.)

In yesterday’s interview, I asked Mike Del Ponte, the founder of Soma, to talk about how he took his idea for a better designed filtered water pitcher and turned it into the beautiful product that’s now shipping to customers. When he told me about his process, I asked him to scour his computer and look for as many designs as he could find from the evolution of his vision.

If you missed it go listen to Mike’s Soma interview now. And you can see what it currently looks like on Mike’s newly re-launched Soma site.


  • Kyle Sevens

    Wow I must say this looks very feminine hygiene ad to me. I am disappointed Tim would invest in these people. So many better products out there then this.

  • Adam Callow

    Designs are beautiful. And everyone is entitled to their opinion but kyles comments is rediculous. Great business model behind this company (the Gillette razor model) and the design is something you would happily have in the middle of the dinner table. Also to say your ‘disappointed’ in Tim just made me laugh, unless you. Know Tim, hang out with him, to for dinner once a week, invite him round every thanks giving and manage his bank account for him I don’t think you can understand or appreciate why he invested.

  • Jon

    Very nice evolution of their design… will listen to the interview (like I do to all your interviews Andrew) on iTunes

    Jon, founder of

  • Arie at Mixergy

    Yeah it’s really cool to see this process

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