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Every time I organize a Mixergy event, I meet a ton of great startups and I’m dying for the rest of the world to find out about them. So when I got a chance to talk with Robert Scoble–‘s managing director and one of the Net’s biggest celebrities–I asked him to please come down to SoCal and shoot video of all the hot tech startups.

He agreed. I’m Psyched.

He’s coming to LA on July 11.

Because he spends so much time with each startup, he can’t see everyone. So I’ll give him a list of tech startups and he’ll pick which he wants to see.

What to join? Fill out the form below. Subscribe to this blog for updates.

Update 7/2/08: No more applications.

  • Olivia

    This is terrific. I can’t wait to hear his live feedback. It’s even more valuable because it’s companies that I know and socialize with.

  • Alex Kaminski

    When do you need us to submit our info to the form? I don’t want to submit until I’m sure I will have a demo up for July 11.

  • admin

    Alex, good question. I’m not sure about a deadline. I’ll check.

  • Twin

    Mixergy. is the source of all of the synergy in LA ….. OH YA

  • Otis

    I wish I was in town – would have loved to submit Goodreads!

  • Espree Devora

    I’m excited. If I had to choose to meet Robert or Brad Pitt – I’m for Robert. I think I just showed my true tech geek with a start up colors ;)

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