I got this email from Ryan of PicClick, whose Mixergy sponsorship ended today:

Hello Andrew,

I’m really loving doing the sponsorship with you! I love how you give a interesting spin each version and it is great for PicClick and interesting to the viewers.

Looks like the 10 is up or almost up. Anyway can I get another 10? This isn’t fair, I think I should be paying at least $100 per episode, $1000? Would really appreciate it.

The Sean Ellis interview was very interesting!

Thank you,
Ryan Sit

In case you missed it, Ryan is trying to get me to charge him more money.

He’s been laughing at me for charging so little for a long time. That PicClick must be more profitable than I thought for him to want to spend more money. Anyone know is revenues and/or profits? Email me and I’ll keep it private. He won’t do a Mixergy interview about his numbers yet.

I’m keeping my prices where they are. I’m happy with my rates. I’m booked for months, so I can focus on interviewing. That’s find with me for now. (If you want to know what he’s paying, you can ask him. I’m not sure I should reveal it, but if he wants to, it’s cool.)