Build Your Grand Slam Business

Founders who built mega-hit businesses teach you how

Got a vision for going beyond the small business mindset and building a HUGE company?

You’ve probably called BS on the slick-talking businesses gurus who’ve never built a real business, but claim that they can show you how to “go big or go home.”

Well you have the real deal, right here.

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Introducing the “HUGELY successful founders” series.

In these case studies, the founders speak out. This is how they did it — in their own words.

The Story Of Groupon: From Failure To An Industry-Changing, Profit Machine – with Andrew Mason

LinkedIn’s Co-Founder On Why It Took Off – with Konstantin Guericke

The Making Of (By A DJ Entrepreneur) – with Jeffrey Taylor

How A Coder Launched A $375 Mil Company From His Living Room – with Lew Cirne

How A Mensch Created The $100 Mil Noah’s Bagels After Bouncing Back From A Failure – with Noah Alper

How A Driven 16-Year-Old Built A $100 Million Net Worth By The Time He Turned 25 – with Gurbaksh Chahal

How Questioning Basic Assumptions Made StubHub A $310 Million Company – With Jeffrey Fluhr

How A Driven Entrepreneur Made Tetris A Huge Hit – With Henk Rogers

Sun Microsystems’ Pioneering Co-Founder Gives A Rare Interview – with Scott McNealy

Real Estate Shark – with Barbara Corcoran

Concur: From Apartment, To IPO, To $3 Bil Valuation – with Rajeev Singh

The Iranian Exile Who Made It Big In Silicon Valley – with Saeed Amidi

Directi: A Bootstrap Launched By A Teenager. Now Worth $300 Mil – with Bhavin Turakhia

Tickle: From Idea To $100 Mil Company By Clever Marketing – with Rick Marini

Higher One: How Persistence Built A Billion Dollar Company – with Sean Glass

Surprising Customers with Amazing Service – The Tony Hsieh, Zappos Interview

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