In the chart above you can see how — a site that’s less than a month old — is becoming more talked about on twitter than the iPhone.

What’s LOLQuiz? It’s just quizzes that can be shared on Twitter. I’m getting flooded with quizzes like these on my Twitter account.

There’s something insanely viral about quizzes. People love showing off their scores and challenging friends to take quizzes.

We see this in every medium. In the early days of the internet, I used to get them by email in plain text format. James Currier built Tickle into $100 million business, based on quizzes. As I write this, one of the top apps on Facebook, is a quiz.

What does it mean for you?

Quizzes are easy and cheap to make. You can add them pretty quickly to whatever business you’re building.

Listen to this Mixergy interview with Hiten Shah where he explains how viral quizzes can be.

Also, listen to Matthew Inman teach on Mixergy what kind of quizzes did well for his business, and how cheaply you could hire someone to make them for you.

I know several Mixergy listeners who are using quizzes to make their companies go viral. They won’t let me tell you what they’re doing, but the results I’ve seen are phenomenal.

What do you think of quizzes as a marketing tactic?