Master Class: How to keep customers longer (test format)

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Update: If your browser is giving you an error, I think it’s because I built this page with a bunch of iframes (from Wufoo & Wistia). –Andrew Warner

Master Class:
How to keep customers longer

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Marie Forleo is the bestselling author and marketing strategist and business coach who created “Rich, Happy and Hot,” a program that shows you how to use your unique talent to change the world while creating a lifestyle you love.

  • Jamie Costabilo

    Andrew, I do like the notes section.  I personally am not a note taker by nature, but I think the average person would find this useful.  I’m assuming that the notes would somehow be saved under our profile for future reference.

  • Andrew Warner

    Yeah. If it works, I’ll make it easy for you to find.

    Do you think I should do something to reward people for adding notes?

  • Reedge – Personalization Tools

    Hi Andrew, I got the email and I think the format is good. I consume your courses on the iphone in audio format so I would love one big MP3 download for each course … that is sometimes missing.

    I am also getting error on security

    I head someone say one big video as well for download to watch on ipad when travelling or at home

  • Reedge – Personalization Tools

    You reward enough is you make these notes available to the same person. Maybe a “I want to share this with all premium members” and some “anonymous option” then you get shared notes like kindle quotes

  • Andrew Warner

    Thanks. I’ll add a note about the error.

    I think it’s because I added a ton of iframes so I could test this quickly.

  • Andrew Warner

    Good point. I save my notes on my Kindle because I’ll have them forever.

  • pamela

    Hi Andrew,

    I really like the note taking concept because I DO take note and use them later.  What I would prefer, however is that the notes I take on the various segments all be delivered to me in one email with the segment title separating them.    The way it’s currently configured, I ended up with 3 emails with quick notes but no reference point to the subject.  

    Enjoyed the course BTW!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Andrew, got email, I like idea of making this test in the first place. Nice to get fast feedback on weekend days (Saturday morning here in Taipei).

    I got ‘This page has insecure content’ on my Chrome too. Re notes – I take a lot of notes, usually on paper or tab. By taking notes I feel I can relax my brain from not thinking about too much, but only the most important things. The rest can stay on notes, and I may come back to those ideas in the future.

    Re concept – it’s interesting and useful. It’s great if you listen to podcast or read it away from home. very easy way to keep notes. I think it should be across your whole website. As I usually stop your interviews to make notes.

    Maybe you can have one notes box and place it in floating div on the right side (similar as social box n Mashable). There is a lot of WP plugins that run like this so it would be easy to use existing code (e.g. Always floating on the right side of your screen. And than you could even minimize and expand notes when you need them.

    Quick way would be to have one div (or u can do frame) that is fixed at the bottom of the page and place notes box there. So something as upside down version of this my WP layout (disqus links should be nofollow, right? ;) So instead of top image, you have notes box at the bottom. But I think minimizing is the key, so better use code from plugin above. 

    Great idea overall, Andrew.
    Did u ever run quick survey to see how many of your readers are note-takers?

    Enjoy your weekend everyone.

  • MatchLites

    Absolutely awesome feedback from everyone, because I echoed most of the same thoughts. I tell you what would be rewarding and group building for me, is for others to create the option for others to see their notes. I love to metacognition from others.

  • Anders Hansson

    I think it is useful. However what I think would be even more useful is to be able to share notes among visitors/premium subscribers to get additional value from each interview/master course. It could be valuable to get others points of views of what is useful and what they thought was the “easiest” thing to implement or some short note about how the tactics could be implemented in their business. 

    It would give an insight into other users minds – much in the spirit of what Mixergy is today but more on a social-micro-scale-thing.

    Anyway, love the idea with being able to take notes.

  • Andrew Warner

    Thanks! I think I can do that. I can give everyone who adds a note access to the other notes that others have made.

  • Andrew Warner

    Dean, thanks for the feedback!

    I think you’re right that I need to make it easier for people to add notes, but I don’t think that’s what’s keeping them from doing it with this test.
    I *think*, the bigger problem seems to be that there’s not enough of an incentive. I mean, if I want people to do a little bit of work that will help them in the long term, I think I need to give them a big benefit in the short term.

    What do you think of my analysis?

  • Andrew Warner

    I think you’re 100% right.

    I need to find a way for you to see other’s notes and to know that others will see your notes (if you allow them to).

    I need to cook up a simple test for that.

  • Anonymous

    Incentive is for sure great marketing tool. And even small and quick reward will go long way. I am always surprised how much people are prepared to do for a little bit of reward.

    At the end of the day this depends on your attitude toward this test. By my opinion you already giving a lot of value with interviews and courses, and this ‘notes tool’ is another reward visitors should be thankful for. I like Oren Klaff view ‘you are the prize’. Notes tool is another prize. No need to give incentive. But you will know your audience the best. Cheers

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