Chance Barnett

When: Wednesday, May 20 at 11:00 AM Pacific

Where: On – Watch from your desk.

Aren’t you tired of chasing “hits” to your site?

Wouldn’t you rather learn how to get paying customers?

My friend Chance Barnett operates in the part of the internet industry where there’s so much revenue that a successful entrepreneur would never think of begging to be written about on TechCrunch or the Wall Street Journal. What’s the point of giving away secrets?

But as a favor to me–to help me grow Mixergy by growing the businesses of people who read Mixergy–Chance agreed to come on and teach you how online marketers like him create paying customers, while most internet entrepreneurs chase visitors.

About Chance Barnett

Chance Barnett is an online entrepreneur who built 7-figure email subscriber-bases and personally created products and marketing that have sold over $25 million via direct sales marketing methods. He knows how to write content and marketing that grabs attention and adds real value, as well as create automated systems that build large audiences and drive repeat revenue.

What we’ll cover in this program

  1. Why most entrepreneurs make the same multi-million dollar mistake before they ever build their product or service
  2. The one thing that can literally double or triple your sales and revenue from the same amount of effort
  3. How to understand the “risk” that people feel when confronted with a sign up form or buy now button… and the way to remove this risk
  4. The actual experience and dialog inside people’s head when they come to your company/website/information… and how to literally force them to pay attention
  5. How to setup a simple test in 1 hour that tells you more about your business viability and your audience than any consultant, marketer or your perfect finished product ever could
  6. How to avoid building a business with your time and hard earned money that no one subscribes to or buys from

What do *you* want to know?

If you have questions, ask them in the comments. Or better yet, watch us live and ask your questions directly.