Lead Generation 101 (and beyond)

Learn directly from proven founders.

Are you sick of setting pageview records, while your revenue stays flat — or rises just enough to cover your higher hosting bill?

If this sounds familiar, your business hasn’t found a way to translate traffic into revenue.

Turning traffic into revenue is the whole point of the lead generation business model.

Lead generation companies get paid every time a user fills out a form. Imagine getting $70 every time a user fills out a form to request information about online education. Or getting $40 every time a user fills out a form to request information about a retirement home.

The revenue adds up pretty fast.

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Introducing the Lead Generation Series.

I’ve done hundreds of interviews, and I’ve been shocked at how many successful founders I’ve interviewed are minting money in lead generation.

  1. Jay Weintraub of LeadsCon gives us 23 examples of successful businesses that generate leads.
  2. MJ DeMarco started Limos.com in 1999, perhaps the first online lead generation business. He sold it in 2000 and then bought it back at a discount and resold it for a huge profit in 2007.
  3. Sandy Kory helped sell WorldClass Strategy, an online lead generator for education companies like the University of Phoenix, for around $150 million.
  4. You don’t have to get paid by *sellers* to make money. You can also create a marketplace where the *buyers* pay up, like how SitterCity charges parents for access to high quality leads for babysitters.
  5. You don’t have to use a business directory to generate leads. Ampush Media is killing it with “lead generation arbitrage” by buying clicks from platforms like Google AdWords, capturing and qualifying the leads, and then selling the leads to businesses. 

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