I asked Jason Fried, founder of 37 Signals, if he was closing off options by being so opinionated. Watch (or read) his answer below.

The transcript (video is below)

I think that closing off options is a really good thing.

I think that’s where you figure out what you want to do. Because to say, “I can do anything ever in the world, all the time, whenever I want,” that’s just not really focused.

I prefer to focus on what I think I’m good at. And maybe I’m not the person who’s good at coming up with a massive, massive idea that requires $100,000,000 to get off the ground. Maybe that’s just not me, and that’s fine.

There’s other people who can do that, if they want. But for me, and I think, for most people, that way of approaching a problem is typically the wrong way.

I think most people are better off starting with something that’s simple, that they can wrap their head around, and they can build simply and quickly. And then, if it eventually becomes this big, huge, massive idea, that’s great.

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