A few months ago, I said that I have an inner critic that screws me up when I get distracted by it. After that post, over a thousand people told me that they each have a similar inner critic that counters everything they want to do.

So I partnered with Olivia and a few hundred of the people who responded. Together, we worked to find a way to take control of our minds.

What we learned is that everyone has an inner voice that just counters the meaningful work they want to do. We call that the “Counter Mind,” and we learned how to reduce its power over us. We also learned that there’s another inner voice that’s actually useful, we call it the “True Mind.” I’m sure you’ve felt that. Times when you were just ‘in the zone,’ could do anything you wanted, and life just felt ‘right.’

Any way, I don’t want to babble on about it. I want you to SEE FOR YOURSELF what I mean.

Olivia and I will teach you. Then we’ll all have dinner and talk about why it worked (or didn’t work) for you.

We want you to learn how True Mind meditation can train you to focus on what you want and who you are — instead of allowing yourself to get distracted by doubt.

We’re intentionally keeping this dinner small enough so we could fit around a single dinner table and really talk. Everything you (and I) say will be private.