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How to Apply the Lean Startup Technique

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get?
You get a fully downloadable guide which will show you how to apply the lean startup technique. My guest is Eric Ries — who co-founded IMVU and is the author of Startup Lessons Learned, which is out now.

You’ll get a How-To Action Guide in pdf format. Plus you’ll get access to my original Mixergy interview with Eric Ries in .mp3 format.

How do I get the guide?
Just click here to Tweet and you’ll get it instantly.

What will I tweet?
This phrase: “FREE Today: Lean Startup Guide (get more sales by understanding customers) w/ @EricRies via @mixergy –”

Why do I have to tweet?
Instead of charging for this guide, I’m using it to promote my site and Eric on Twitter. When you send a tweet to get this guide, you’re helping me get some attention for the hard work I put into doing these interviews. (Thank you. It’s a big help.)

Who are you?
I’m Andrew Warner. I founded Mixergy, a site where I interview successful founders about how they built their businesses. Past interviewees include the founders of Linkedin, LivingSocial, Groupon and Sun Microsystems.

Want the FULL guide? Send 1 Tweet