I recently asked Chris, a Mixergy fan, about which session was his favorite. Here’s what he said:

The episode with the Jessica Livingston from Y Combinator. The most influential part for me was her statements about business guys who can program.

Until the day I watched her interview I was just a product manager with some basic HTML, CSS and Balsamiq skills. Since then Ihave started to teach myself Ruby on Rails.

Between Rails and the agile theme of “develop, test, iterate,” I now have a working prototype of a web application I hope to launch.

I forwarded Chris’ email to Jessica and she said it made her day.

It made mine too.

Thank you Jessica.

And thank you to all the founders who have and will continue to support the Mixergy project by sitting for an hour interview (and often spending even more time with me beforehand to prep for it). I know I ask a lot of you, but I promise that the work you do changes people’s lives.