Remember how shocked I was when I interviewed Sal Khan of the Khan Academy and he told me that he used while someone else was squatting on

John Humphrey of DomainNoob heard that interview and his ears perked up when he heard the part of the conversation where I asked the audience for input:

Andrew: If you have any feedback, any suggestions, want to be part of this in any way, [removed], right?

But you also have the dotcom.

Sal: No, I don’t. Somebody claimed the dotcom. I don’t own the dotcom.

Andrew: Who is the evil son of a bitch who has the dot com, who does not…

Sal: Well, I don’t know. I was almost able to get it, and someone got it. I don’t know. There are people more sophisticated at squatting domain names than I am.

Andrew: I guess so. Somebody get that domain name back for him. If anyone out there is listening, get that domain.…

After he heard that, John looked for ways to get Sal When it suddenly came up for auction, he emailed Sal and CC’d me. Sal, who just won a Google prize and recently Bill Gates declared Sal his favorite teacher, trusted John to quietly bid on his behalf.

And they won.

John got Sal at an incredibly reasonable price.

Read the full story of how Sal got the on DomainNoob.