Can you recognize key tactics?

How to apply:

Fill this form out by writing out the key ideas in this course transcript or audio.

Why it’s important:

The course summaries you create will tell struggling entrepreneurs what to do to turn their businesses around. In some cases, you will be saving their businesses’ lives and they will send you thank you notes to show their appreciation

BUT you can ONLY have that kind of impact if you can scan a course transcript and highlight the important steps that your readers need to take.

How to do it:

1) Write each key idea as a specific instruction. (Don’t be wishy-washy. Express it as if it were a commandment.)

2) Expect people who never took the course to understand what you’re telling them to do.

3) Keep your sentences short and scannable. (Readers should be able to quickly scroll through your list and understand what you’ve written.)

How it was done:

This is a sample that shows how another course was summarized.