Writing Sample: Summarize 2 Tactics

Congratulations on finishing the first part of this application. Only about 10 people (out of over 100 who applied), got this far.

What’s next

Please fill out this form, based on the format below — within 48 hours.

I’m trying to see if you can write descriptions for the key ideas in our courses.

I’ll pick the top 5 writers and pay them $150 to finish summarizing this course. Then I’ll hire 3 of those people to write for Mixergy every week.

What I’m looking for

Remember the first step, where you identified key tactics in the Mobile App course? Now I’m looking to see how clearly you can summarize 2 of those tactics. (You can pick which 2 you want to work on.)

The format

Please limit yourself to three sentences to summarize each tactic.

1st sentence: benefit of using the tactic
Use the first sentence of your description to explain the benefit of using the tactic.

2nd sentence: how to use the tactic
Use the second sentence to explain how our readers should use this tactic.

3rd sentence: example of this tactic in action
The final sentence should use an example from the course to illustrate the tactic.

An example of how the format is used

Use Facebook search to find buyers and hot leads.

With Facebook search, you can find potential customers desperate for your company to solve their problems.

In Facebook’s search box, enter keywords related to your business and select “Public Posts,” to see what people are complaining about.

For example, if you own a global plumbing franchise, you can search for “broken toilet” and contact people who need your services.