NOTE: Mixergy prices are about to go up, but you can lock in today’s price before they do. Details below…

A few months ago, I started hearing the same thing over and over from the founders I was interviewing: call people who cancel Mixergy Premium to ask them WHY they cancelled.

I left dozens of voicemails for past members saying, “Can we talk? I want to learn why you left.”

And no one returned my calls!

I get it. Who wants to call back the guy whose service they just cancelled? It’s like calling back an ex who wants to know why you broke up with them.

“Uh…it’s not you, Andrew, it’s me…”

So then I tried a new approach: “If you talk to me, you get this Starbucks gift card.”

A few people took me up on it, but their feedback wasn’t helpful: “Not enough time,” “trying to save money,” blah, blah, blah. I wanted the brutal truth, and I wasn’t getting it.

Alright fine. New approach.

I emailed people who cancelled and offered a free consultation to help them with any part of their business. And people booked the calls.

Then, while I was helping them, they’d often just naturally start to talk to me about the real reason they cancelled.

And the top two things I heard were, “I can’t find what I want on the site,” and “I thought there would be a community–­­no one in my life understands what it means to be a real entrepreneur.”

Now we were REALLY talking. And I started to learn what really excited them, too

Things like:

  • A way to search all of the interviews and courses by type of business and topic, like “SaaS companies” and “bootstrapping”
  • A step­by­step path of which interviews and courses to listen to, based on their current #1 challenge
  • A mastermind of founders they could talk to on a regular basis

So the Mixergy team got to work. And today I’m excited to announce some BIG changes at Mixergy that I think you’re going to love.


First, there’s a complete site redesign that’s been in the works for months. And one of the features is something we call Collections.

Collections are curated collections of interviews and courses that put you on a path to achieve your #1 goal, whether you’re looking for a profitable idea, trying to get more traffic or sales, raising money, etc.

We have Collections for each of the major frustrations you’ve told us about, and we’ll continue to add more.

You can even create your own Collections, like “interviewees in my city,” “bootstrapped unicorns,” or “courses my team needs to see.”











Based on what you’ve told me, we’ve made it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for in the Mixergy library. So now you can:

  • Instantly find interviews and courses by ‘business type,’ such as SAAS, ecommerce,
    B2B, B2C, brick and mortar, etc…
  • Quickly find anything you’re looking for with a search by keyword, topic, company, or
    founder name…
  • …and much more!

The site goes live for Premium members on Nov. 21. I can’t wait to see what you think.

AND there’s another big announcement…


You may recall that we launched Dojo in August to create mastermind groups for Mixergy Premium members.

To make sure groups stay productive, I even hired a Dojo leader. His entire job is to help form these masterminds and keep them on track.

I also required Dojo members to be Mixergy Premium members. That means it costs a few bucks to get in, but it keeps out the freeloaders who don’t contribute.

But it’s a pretty amazing deal, considering the $25K/yr masterminds out there that don’t even include the huge library of content that comes with a Mixergy Premium membership.

Which brings me to…


Awhile back my friends Ramit Sethi and James Ashenhurst told me I should increase the price of Mixergy Premium.

(James says it went something like, “Dude, you should raise your fucking prices!!”)

But they weren’t talking about charging more just to make more money. They were saying that I should focus on the right people and increase VALUE for those people.

And while I could 10x the price of Mixergy Premium now based on the value of the Dojo alone, I don’t want to do that.

I want Mixergy to be insanely valuable, yet still affordable for the guy or gal who’s bootstrapping their first startup.

So…the price of Mixergy Premium is going up. However, right now I have a special offer:

If you become a Mixergy Premium member before Saturday, November 21 at 11:59 p.m. PT, you’ll be grandfathered in at today’s membership pricing…for as long as you’re a subscriber.

So, you’ll get the library of 1,000+ Mixergy interviews and startup courses…

The curated Collections to help you accomplish your #1 goal…

And the opportunity to join a mastermind….

For just $25/month with the monthly membership.

OR save 33% more, year after year, by locking in an annual membership. (Annual memberships are currently $199/year, which works out to less than $17/month.)

And that price will be locked in for life.


Lots of you have told me that you need help with productivity. For example, when you have a

BIG GOAL, how do you make sure you’re continually making progress on it?

So to answer that question, I’m offering ANNUAL members a special training on how to structure their day to reach their long­term goals.

This is going to be a LIVE INTERVIEW in December with UJ Ramdas. (Session will be recorded.) UJ created the popular “5­Minute Journal” that guys like Tim Ferriss use, and next year his “Productivity Planner” will hit the shelves.

UJ has studied the most powerful productivity hacks used by successful people throughout history. And he’s going to show you how to use those hacks to create a daily plan that will help you reach your long­term goals.

You’ll also get a PDF of the daily page in his new Productivity Planner, so you can implement what you learn right away.


If you’re a Premium member and you pay annually, you’re all set. Nothing you need to do. Your rate is locked in at $199/year for as long as you are a member, and you’ll get the invite to the productivity bonus.

If you’re a Premium member and you pay monthly, you have two options:

  1. Do nothing, and your monthly rate will be automatically locked in at $25/month,
  2. OR switch to an annual membership before Saturday, November 21 at 11:59 p.m. PT to
    lock in the lowest possible rate. You’ll save $100/year and get the productivity bonus.

To make the switch to annual, go here:

If you’re NOT a member of Mixergy Premium, and you want to lock in today’s prices before they double, go here before Saturday, November 21 at 11:59 p.m. PT:

Guys, Mixergy gets better and better because people like you are guiding this mission in ways I never would have considered. And I want to help you kick ass in 2016, and beyond.

I want you to double or triple your revenue next year.

To become so successful that you have a whole NEW set of problems.

So successful that I get to interview you on Mixergy.

Let’s make it happen.


Founder, Mixergy

PS. Want a personal tour of the new Mixergy Premium features? Check this out: