Hey, Alex Champagne here:

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I’m the booking producer and need some help finding a few kick-ass founders so that we can have them on the show.

If you have contact info for any of these entrepreneurs and/or could introduce them, could you email me?

Use this email: AlexBooker@mixergy.com

Here are the 5 we’re looking for this week:

  • Founder of Fiverr — Micha Kaufman
  • Founders of Guru — James Slavet
  • Founder of Huy Fong Foods Inc (Sarachi) —  David Tran
  • Founder of Answers.com — Bob Rosenschein
  • Founder of Dailymotion — Olivier Poitrey

Also, If you have any suggestions for future interviewees — let me know in the comments.


– Alex