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  • Mike

    I think making yourself more accessible to your audience or other businesses would be more align with your mission. Putting up messages that you don’t respond to email is weak in my opinion. All the people that come on your show are busy people, yet they find time to respond to email.? They do, I know because I have done business with many of them.

    That’s my only frustration. UI could be better, but I love the content, so I don’t really care one way or the other. Keep up the great stuff. :-)

  • Andrew Warner

    Mike, I agree with you, but email isn’t the answer.

    With email, if I answer your question, no one else benefits from it. I have to answer the same exact question every time time someone else has it.

    I need a better solution.

    But before I can get to that, I need to solve this discovery issue. With over 800 interviews and courses on Mixergy, finding something is maddening. You can go nuts trying to find the right interview now.

    Also, I still do email BUT not from my personal account. I ask people to use the contact form so I can focus on just the email that no one else at Mixergy can answer. I’m actually answering an email from there now. I came here to get this page’s link for someone I’ve been emailing with.

  • Mike

    You’re right, Andrew, and in rereading my comment, it came across stronger than intended. Email is a great tool and also a huge time suck. 

    first things first. :-) Make those 800 interviews easily searchable….that’s one of those great problems to have. Thanks for responding. 

    Hope this helps: 
    I search for an interview or see it on the homepage. I click and open it, then if it’s a course, I have to login, but after logging in it doesn’t take me to the course. I have to search for it again. 

    all the best, Mike

  • Lorenzo

    Hey Andrew, great idea of putting this up. I live in SD, but I drive up to LA every weekend to visit my girlfriend. As you know LA traffic is horrible, so I tend to listen to an average of  2 interviews each way every weekend. I download the interviews on my iPhone from iTunes the night before, but sometimes I forget, so I have to use Safari. I wish Mixergy had an iPhone app with all the interviews and the courses (i am a premium member), so I wouldn’t have to use Safari all the time which sucks and is slow.

  • Andrew Warner

    I love hearing about your frustrations with the site. It helps me know what to work on next.

    I didn’t realize you’re not being redirected by back after you log in. Bob Hiler created a plugin that should fix that. Do you see this page after you log in?

  • Keith West


    I think of your site more as a blog than a reference- mostly because of how it’s organized.

    There are two essential ways for you to organize your content:
    1) By guest/author
    2) By subject

    I would start by assigning interviews and courses to broad topics such as advertising, traffic, email, etc., in other words a taxonomy. There would be a navigational page taking you to courses around these topics. You would also do this with an index of guests and their associated businesses.

    If you wanted to get more ambitious you could run this in parallel with a tagging system that allows you to assign keywords to courses. Each interview page would have clickable keywords that would take you to other courses with the same associated keywords.

    Finally, you should also have a quality search engine that searches all of the text on your site.

    My biggest frustration though is the length of the transcripts. I read the interviews more often than I watch because I don’t have the time or patience to sit through such a long video. Reading is much faster, although the conversational style of the interviews don’t translate into reading so well. In fact, I would rather have a summary, perhaps a third of the current length, than the full length transcript.

    All this said though, there’s no other place to get such great access to quality entrepreneurs.

  • Tony Perea

    Hi Andrew,

    I have been a mixergy’s member for a couple of months by now and for me the biggest problem is the search. The search box is actually not working fine and it makes it almost impossible to find what I’m looking for sometimes.

    Let me give you an example. I heard you saying in one of your interviews that you had made a couple of interviews with seth godin before, which I didn’t know about. So what I did is, I typed “seth godin” in the search box but, for my surprise, there were no results related to him in the first page. I also found out that some of the result pages were totally blank (3rd page for example) and that only some interviews related to seth godin appeared randomly as results, not all. This has also happened to me searching for other founders and interviews and it’s still happening now.

    I think that, as suggested below, the best would be some kind of taxonomy and tagging combination to make it easier for us to find the right content. Now, as a web developer, I think that WordPress sometimes falls short to implement some customized features, have you ever considered using some other platform considering the site growth? That’s just my opinion though.

    Hope it helps! Love the site :)

    PS: The redirection is also not working for me.


  • Andrew Warner

    You’re right. Search stinks on ice here.

    The built-in WP search isn’t helpful and lijit doesn’t seem to work either, but I think we found a solution.

    If you filled out the form above, I’ll email you the updates as we work on them. If not, I hope to have a solution for you on the site soon. Bob Hiler found search software that could solve this.

  • Andrew Warner

    I’m noticing that mobile is starting to be more important than web for this site, but I’m worried about getting too sucked into creating a mobile app right now.

    If I could find a way to have my mp3’s open in the ios music player, would that work for you?

  • Andrew Warner

    I’m surprised that you and others are asking for alphabetical listings. How would you use that? Why do you prefer that to search?

    As for summaries of the transcripts, aren’t the Cheat Sheets giving you that?

  • Mike

    Hey Andrew, let’s say I come to the site and do a search and find this course


    2. and I click on the red button “start this course now”

    well if lets say I haven’t yet logged in…….I am taken to

    3. So I will click on “member login” (which needs to be much easier to find)

    4. I log in and am taken to

    5. But when I click on “start with this course” it just takes me to the general member area If it’s not a recent course, it’s can be difficult to find.

    Hope this helps.

  • Michael Hardenbrook

    Andrew, if you remember we spoke a few weeks back with Los Silva. is creating a mobile course, which includes mobile apps. I would be happy to undertake that for you as a case study in the course if you would like. Just thinking out loud here :-)

  • Keith West

     The cheat sheets are good, but not all interviews, such as today’s with Kelly Fitzsimmons, have them.

    Taxonomies aren’t a replacement for search, they’re used alongside. They help, especially in the beginning, to understand what kind of content you have. I might be very interested in seeing an interview with Kevin Rose, but may never think to search for him or the keywords for his interview.

    You should use taxonomies for SEO benefits alone.

  • Gregor McKelvie

    Hi Andrew,

    I think your content is fantastic. Even though the site could be better, Mixergy is one of the best resources for business owners. So thank you!

    In terms of frustrations, I have a few:

    1) The pop up that appears when I go to the homepage that prompts me for my email. I think it devalues your content. You don’t need to be so aggressive with data capture.

    2) As mentioned previously, search isn’t great. Try using Google Site Search or even get a developer to implement Lucene (open source). These tools will make search much faster and easier for users.

    3) In terms of categorisation, I like the /premium page, but it could still be a lot better. A really good example of navigating / searching content is the Kiva lend page: It is fast, powerful and easy to use

    4) I still don’t know what the difference is between premium and free. I’m tempted to try premium out but it’s not clear what I get. Why not have some sort of compare plans feature:

    5) Last point is on copy. I think it could be a lot better; from the “Click Here” on the home page to even the questions asked in this feedback form:

    What’s one thing you tried to find here recently?
    How were you planning to use what searched for?
    How frustrating is this for you?

    There is no flow to these questions.

    Anyway I hope this helps. As I say your content is superb, and that’s the main thing!


  • Andrew Warner

    Thanks, Michael.

    But I need to focus on discovery right now. When I look at my feedback that’s the biggest complaint I’m getting right now.

  • Andrew Warner


    Thanks for being so detailed.

    1) That homepage is HUGE for me. But you shouldn’t be seeing it more than once. Are you coming to Mixergy with your cookies turned off or something? (By the way, I just recorded an interview with the founder of where he explains why those pages are so effective. Look for it when it’s published.)

    2) Google site search still turns up crap, but Bob Hiler found a search bar that I think will impress you. Look for it here soon. (And give me your feedback when you see it, even if you’re not impressed.)

    3) That’s what we’re going for. If you filled out the form, you got a sketch of the latest version.

    4) You’re 100% right.

    5) I don’t understand why the questions aren’t right? In the first 2 questions, I’m trying to figure out what you were looking for and why you were looking for it. That last one is to let me see who’s so pissed off that they’d let me email them often about this issue and who isn’t concerned enough about it.

  • Michael Hardenbrook

    Sure Andrew, you do what’s best for the Freedom Fighters .  We have 99designs as an advisor to the course, so when you are ready, I know it will be your mobile dream site….and I will manage the project gratis

  • Andrew Warner


  • Gregor McKelvie

    1) Seems Ok just now, but there was a period of time (few months back) where it was always appearing (with cookies on)

    2) Will look at now

    5) Sounds like I’m being picky (sorry!), but it just doesn’t read / flow well. I’ve made a few suggestions below:

    What’s one thing you tried to find here recently?
    – What have you tried to find on the site recently?How were you planning to use what searched for?
    – Why were you looking for this?How frustrating is this for you?
    – Rate how easy/difficult you found the process

    Just my take on it of course :)

  • Gregor McKelvie

    Hi Andrew – got the email on no 3) (your reply email is btw)

    I think it’s definitely better. But I feel you need to make courses, interviews, cheat sheets, etc. more visible (rather than acting as part of the breadcrumb – I say that because I am in buying mode, so (assuming courses are part of premium) I want to see how many you have and on which areas).

    I also think you need a level of side navigation like the kiva example previously or even TED talks

    Good luck!


    PS – a good search tool that can make sense of unstructured data though will eleviate many issues you have!

  • Adam Clinckett

    Hi Andrew,

    I love the Mixergy content.

    I do find the premium content area a bit frustrating. I listen to the interviews on iTunes and then I come to the website to find premium content, but the interviews are jumbled in there with the premium content. 

    I’d like to separate interviews, masterclasses and cheat notes – or at least be able to filter the list by type.

    A few an extra categories would be good eg. “getting started”, “getting funded”, “website optimization”, “building a customer base” etc.

    Also, the courses are currently sorted by chronological order.  Normally school/university organises their subjects so there’s a way you can progress through it.   It’s a bit of work but it would be good to look at the courses based on where you are in your business’s life cycle ie. bootstrapping, growing customers, first employee, aiming for funding etc.


  • Andrew Warner

    Adam, I’ll send you the latest design we’re thinking about. Let me know what you think.

  • Andrew Warner

    Oh, I see you didn’t comment using your email, so I can’t send it to you. No prob. We should have it up on the site in about a week.

  • Adam Clinckett

    I got an automatic email with the new design…looks much better.

    I logged in using Facebook….unfortunately my thumbnail adds an extra 20 pounds on my face – doh!

    Just a few ideas:
    1) Can you also have “Cheat Sheets Only” in the filter?

    2) Can you add the date in there as well? To the top row of tabs and the course list?

    3) Is there still a way to see “latest courses”?  This could be use in addition to the previous item #2.

    4) You need a header saying how many courses you now have.

    5) I’m a stickler for keeping consistent terminology, is there a difference between “course” and “master class”?

    6) Just as an idea (it would be more work for you), but a way that I could mark what I had already listened to.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Andrew Warner

    I just sent you the latest mockup.

    It’ll answer your questions, except:

    DATES – I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for telling me.

    NAMES – Yes. Master Classes & Courses are the same. I’ll start to standardize around “Course” since it’s shorter and means the same.

  • Adam Clinckett

    The second one looks good.  It is missing the “By Category”, “By interviewee’s name” tabs up the top that you had in your first screenshot – I liked those tabs :)

  • Adam Clinckett

    The second one looks good.  It is missing the “By Category”, “By interviewee’s name” tabs up the top that you had in your first screenshot – I liked those tabs :)

  • Andrew Warner

    You like the search by interviewee name?

    I underestimated how helpful that would be.

  • Andrew Warner

    You like the search by interviewee name?

    I underestimated how helpful that would be.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I’ve been using the Mixergy website for 1 year now and listened to more than 100 interviews and find the same frustrations as many other users. So I created a webbot to read the content on Andrew’s website and I created 3 quick “mockup” pages of what I think could help in the immediate, when we want to find content.

    I’ve put a “VOTE” form in 2 of those pages, can you please tell me what you think about it? PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT!

    Simple easy access to all interviews:     (most recent interviews first)  (order by social popularity)

    And a mockup of an interview page itself, with tags & content:

    Tell us me what you think! Would it help? Is it Good, bad?

    Thanks a bunch.  Results will be submitted to Andrew, so don’t forget to vote!

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