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This guide is based on Mixergy’s interview with Laura Roeder.

Laura Roeder saw that entrepreneurs can’t find customers without a solid reputation, so she established herself as an expert and taught other entrepreneurs how to do it, too. It was all done by creating fame, so we invited her to teach you how to do it.

Laura is the founder of the Creating Fame online program, which teaches entrepreneurs how to become known as the number one person in their field.

Here are the actionable highlights from the interview.

1. Update your website so it will look professional

Laura says that entrepreneurs should make regular improvements to their websites, but some people leave typos or incorrect addresses on their websites so they look like amateurs.

Take Action:
Make a list of things that need to be changed on your website, and hire a freelancer to spend an hour or two making the changes.

2. Put logos on your website to provide credibility

Laura displays logos for the Los Angeles Times and BlogHer on her website, and visitors are impressed when they see the logos.

Take Action:
Add the words “As featured in” to your website and display logos from blogs where you’ve guest blogged and from publications that have written about your business.

3. Put pictures of your team on your website so customers will feel they know you

Laura put pictures of herself and her team on her website, and people love it because they can see who they’re doing business with.

Take Action:
On your “About Us” page, add pictures of yourself and your employees.

4. Send pitches to interview shows to get publicity

Laura wanted to appear on Mixergy, so she sent Andrew an email introducing herself and he agreed to interview her.

Take Action:
Send a short email to 10 interview shows and podcasts introducing yourself and offering to be interviewed, and mention a tip or a story you’d like to share with their listeners.

5. Write guest posts for blogs to reach people who haven’t heard about you

Laura wrote guests posts for other blogs, and she broke into new markets that were a good fit for her business.

Take Action:
Search on Alltop to find blogs that are relevant to your business, and email them offering to guest blog.


6. Create content once a week so you won’t burn out

Laura says that if Wine Library TV founder Gary Vaynerchuk had published new content once a week, he would have been able to continue, but he insisted on publishing once a day so he burned out and had to cut back on blogging.

Take Action:
Post new videos or blog posts once a week, and don’t try to publish more often.

Want to make sure you get results?

Written by Sarah Brodsky, based on production notes by Jeremy WeiszWatch the full interview now!