A GIANT, searchable list with every single Mixergy interview. You like???

I’m not sure why, but for months people have been asking me for a single page with every single Mixergy interview. All 860 of them.

An incredible developer, Chris Jacob, built it. He even made it searchable and sortable.

Could you try it and tell me if it’s useful? And if it is, could you answer a question that I’ve been especially curious about for months: What are you using it to do?

Click here to try it

Every single interview on one simple page

  • http://www.facebook.com/msethi Maneesh Sethi

    Super cool. I used it to finally watch my brothers’ stuff :)

  • Edgars

    Great! Love it.

  • http://travelisfree.com/ Travel is Free

    The thing about mixergy is… the titles are great for click thru (I’m guessing) but not good for telling you what you’ll learn about. Which is really not helpful when you’re looking through a giant list. “If you’re not a millionaire, you’re poor”, “setback and triumphs”… I mean, I want to know if they are talking SEO, blogging, optimizing, bootstrapping, etc… not “triumphs and setbacks”. I’m guessing you’ll see lower click-through rates but longer views if I knew what the heck I was clicking.
    That’s why people love related post. I’m watching something on SEO because I want to learn it, so why not give me another. But as it is I can use a search key or a giant list.
    My $.02.

  • https://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Thanks. Why?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=508713432 Gregory Ranger

    Tags for each interview would be great, like “SEO, Motivation, Bootstrap, Product Launch, etc”. Thanks for the list btw!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gonzalo.paternoster.1 Gonzalo Paternoster

    Great idea about related interviews.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gonzalo.paternoster.1 Gonzalo Paternoster

    Tags would rock.

  • albert

    Hi Andrew:

    Have you thought about interviewing Mike Zappy Zopolin?


  • http://www.facebook.com/debbievdven Debbie Van De Ven

    I would love tags!

  • yaelgrauer

    THIS IS GREAT! I always go to Mixergy and type names in the search before I ever buy a product or even just when I hear or read something cool, but I love this because I can see at a glance who you’ve interviewed and click on people I know or have heard or am a fan of. I thought I’d already heard the ones I was interested in, but now I have a huge list to Instapaper. (Guy Kawasaki, Jason Fried, Ramit Sethi, Eric Ries, Derek Sivers, Dan Martell, Gary V, Neil Strauss, Neil Patel, Chris G, Hitten Shah, Hugh Macleod, Pistachio, Matthew Inman, Alexis Ohanian).

    Also allows me to search by topic. I thought I listened to all your interviews/courses on PR (which I just put out my own video course on) but looks like there’s 3 I haven’t seen yet. I always devour these to make sure there isn’t anything in them I haven’t covered in mine.

    Also some of the good interviews I’ve heard…looks like you talked to those people multiple times. The site’s search feature is really good but doesn’t seem as comprehensive.

    It’d be great if we could click on the sections and alphabetize them.

  • AB

    I already booked marked it. – Great

  • http://travelisfree.com/ Travel is Free

    Exactly. Plus it’s good for the SEO. :-p

  • https://mixergy.com Andrew Warner


  • https://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Great! What do you like about it?

  • Dylan Jones

    I like it because I can search for keywords in one place down the page. For example, someone asked me recently for tips on building membership sites, I tried to find some interviews via your existing search and struggled a little.

    This new index is much easier, I can just search for the keyword on the actual page.

    Some improvements would be:

    a) Adding tags for primary categories e.g. Health, Corporate, Bootstrapping, Productivity, Technology, etc.

    b) Adding more metadata, perhaps in a popup dialog or expandable box that provides more details about each episode, also allows more chance of a keyword being found.

    I did something similar a few years back but with Flash:


    The key differences being the popup dialog, the flags and country categories etc.

    Something that lets you filter dynamically with tags would be great so that it becomes a real database or index.

    – Dylan

  • http://twitter.com/jamesashchem James Ashenhurst

    LONG overdue. Excellent to have this.

    Why? Because it opens up your back catalogue. I often say to myself, “I’d like to listen to an old Mixergy interview – one I haven’t heard before”. Now, instead of having to click “Next Page” 50 times, I can see at a glance what all the options are, and I can easily find something of interest.

  • Mitchell Roth

    Awesome! I used to to scroll through and find interviews of people I have heard about but whose interview I missed. I agree, tags would be good, but an enormous task. Maybe you can let listeners create or upvote tags at the bottom of each interview? Also, perhaps a way to search most popular would be useful, to get the creme de la creme?

  • mattackerson

    Hey Andrew, here’s my take on it.

    A searchable list is super valuable to me IF I can organize them by topics and industry.


    Well, I often have questions and new challenges that come up every single day, week, month, etc. Things are always changing when you’re building a business from scratch.

    So, if I could find 2-4 interviews or courses from experts whom had those same challenges and found a solution, and I could instantly find and listen to their story, that’s incredibly valuable.

    It’s valuable because (a) I’m getting piece of mind that there IS a solution from a real person who’s been there, and (b) I’m getting multiple perspectives.

    This simple search is potentially new direction to further develop Mixergy because it deals with finding indepth answers to specific questions that many entrepreneurs have.


    Not sure how to do Adwords? Here are 3 interviews, one from an affiliate marketer, one from an SEM agency founder, and one course from a company that scaled quickly on Adwords.

    Want to save time and eliminate business headaches? Automate, cut, and systemize your business. You’ll get tons of ideas from these 5 interviews.

    Want to specifically know about systemizing a business with custom web-based software? Here’s one interview where the founder talked about that.

    Feeling down because your counter mind is kicking in? Listen to this guy talk about how he survived in the jungle for weeks alone. Then listen to this founder talk about his countermind and how he over came said internal challenge.

    There’s a lot you can do with this direction Andrew. I’d say go slow, but keep building on this simple experiment. At the moment it’s only mildly useful to me to search thru titles and founder names.

    -Matt Ackerson
    http://SaberBlast.com — Amplify Your Online Marketing.

  • http://www.decalmarketing.com/adwords-book/ Iain Dooley

    I’ve never asked for this, but here are two things I used it for just now:

    1) Searching by date: if you type in any part of the date you can see all interviews from a given year or month, for examplpe 2010-08 gives you interviews for August 2010. Since I go through periods of inattention when I’m particularly busy, I find it useful to be able to go back through a specific period of time and browse interviews that I’ve missed.

    2) I used it to look up Sara Sutton Fell and Patrick Buckley :) I could have done this using Google, of course, but since I was there and I could do it instantly, I looked them up (the reason being of course because I hear their names at the start of every interview!)

    So I guess for me what this really brings to the party that I can’t get from a Google search is the ability to find interviews by date.

    Slick interface – Thanks Chris!

    EDIT: regarding the taxonomical organisation of the interviews, I’m not sure I’d find that beneficial. Since I discovered that every interview has an mp3, I just like to consume Mixergy as a soundtrack to my life. Similarly to the concept of “surrounding yourself with successful people” I find that I just learn a lot and have had a real shift in attitude by sheer osmosis. The courses, on the other hand, I think should be organised into actual “courses”. I’ve mentioned this to you a few times, Andrew but I think the direction you should take Mixergy Premium is MixergyU (ie. Mixergy University) where you have entrepreneurs create curated lists of courses that are like “degrees” in various aspects of business or marketing, then have them conduct those courses based on their own learning and understanding of the material as facilitators. I think you could charge many thousands of dollars for that, too ;)

  • https://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    We had trouble tagging all 800+ programs, so we added search for finding programs based on topics. Does this help: https://mixergy.com/find

  • https://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    That makes sense.

    What do you think of this for searching by topic: https://mixergy.com/find

  • https://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    So you mean we should have 1 person teach a topic and use the interviews and courses like course material on a syllabus?

  • https://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Would curated lists be better for that? Like this: https://mixergy.com/powerful-copywriting-101-resource-page/

    Or do tags?

  • https://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    Popularity would be helpful. I wonder how we could get that in there. Or maybe we can use something like Facebook like counts to show how good a post is.

    For tags, one reader suggested we let readers on a set of pre-written tags and give each post the 3 most popular tags. Maybe that’s a way to go.

  • https://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    ahh. That makes sense.

  • http://www.decalmarketing.com/adwords-book/ Iain Dooley

    Yeah like a syllabus. Either you guys could just put them into “degrees”, or you could get guests/entrepreneurs to do that (maybe more than one?) and/or you could have guest facilittion and/or you guys could facilitate. You kind of already do this a bit, like you say “what do you want to do?” and have a bunch of options like “get traffic”, this is just an extension of that idea into a more structured course.

  • mattackerson

    Tags / categories would be better because they make the search more efficient and effective.

    I’m familiar with the curated lists already.

    In this case and context, I want to skim and scan a long list of data to find the best possible resource(s).

  • http://travelisfree.com/ Travel is Free

    This is a great tool and how I find most courses. This is the only way I know of to really find what you’re looking for. It seems to work well… I guess it’s title dependent but never the less, it’s what I use.

  • http://www.facebook.com/geoffrey.l.barrows Geoffrey L. Barrows


    I think this is a good start. Thanks to you and Chris Jacobs for doing this!

    In it’s current form, it is a good way for me to pick out an old interview from a particular founder. Also I can scan through the whole list and pick a few new interviews I may have missed or occurred before I joined.

    Some suggestions:

    1) It would be good to put in keywords and/or metadata to help with the search. For example I entered “hardware” and the search came up empty although there were a few hardware entrepreneurs. I also entered “lean” and came up with both “lean startup” interviews as well as the interview with the “restless sewer cLEANer”.

    I know it would be impractical to go back and do that for every interview. Perhaps though you can do this for new interviews, and maybe add keywords/metadata for just the past interviews you deem most important- this could be a subtle way to curate a topic.

    2) Another idea is to add a simple checkbox column to denote a popular interview. That would be a binary value. :) I am sure a lot of people would like an “Andrew Recommends” check as well, but this might leave the unchecked people feeling slighted.

  • https://mixergy.com Andrew Warner

    https://mixergy.com/find also searches the content of each post.

  • http://collaborable.com/ Eric Ingram

    First reaction: This is fantastic! The responsive UI is very good and I foresee watching more interviews using this list, than without it.

  • Mitchell Roth

    I would suggest measuring popularity by views and mp3 downloads. I don’t have Facebook, but I have watched certain excellent interviews more than once (and share them).

    As for the tags, why constrict them to 3? I’m envisioning some software that lets users suggest a tag(s). With a human on the backend, writing rules to combine similar suggested tags “SaaS”, “Software as a Service”, and “softwars as a service” all under “SaaS”, so it gets smarter as time goes on.

  • http://twitter.com/BestMomProducts Best Mom Products

    Hi Rob,

    I wanted to comment on your c) suggestion. I interview women/mom entrepreneurs at http://www.bestmomproducts.com about the business and what it is like to raise children while doing this. It is really nice to see someone suggest this. I took Andrew’s interviewing course which was very helpful ;-).

    Other good women/mom entrepreneur written interviews are on Women 2.0.

    Andrew – hope you don’t mind me interjecting. I do like the new search capability – very organized. I listen mostly on itunes and it would be great if they gave a more detailed description or if it started w/ the person instead of Mixergy.


  • Bob Koby

    i would like it for keeping track of which interviews and courses i have listened to, and to possibly tag and leave notes

  • Mike Townsend

    Very useful!

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