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The Oatmeal: Case Study Of An Entrepreneurial Artist

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Jan 6, 2011
I read an article about how Matthew Inman's web comic, The Oatmeal, generated sales of $70,000 in a single day last year -- Black Friday -- and $1,000 on a typical day. So I invited him to Mixergy to hear the details of how he turned his passion into a business, and how that business enables him pursue his passion.

If You Still Think That Success Online Is About Building “The Best Darn Site,” read this

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Mar 25, 2009
Am I the only one who thinks that startups spend too much time geeking out about code and development, but not enough time getting passionate about marketing? If you want to get passionate about the power of clever marketing, download the program I recorded with Matthew Inman. He’s a smart...

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