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How Jo Overline kept SwingDev from being a one hit wonder

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May 12, 2017
How does a startup founder keep his company from being a “one hit” wonder? A few years ago, five actually, I did an interview with today’s entrepreneur, Jo Overline of SwingDev. A few weeks ago, Jo emailed me and said, “Andrew, we did it! We used to be a two person...

Ugly Meter: How To Make $1/2 Mil Destroying Kids’ Self-Esteem

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Apr 16, 2012
I met today's guest because the other night I was looking through the App Store just see what was new and what was going on. I saw one app was dominating the entertainment section of the App Store. So, I invited the founder to Mixergy to talk about how he built the app that got so many users and even more press.

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