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LeadPages founder on why you should be embarrassed by your first launch

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Apr 25, 2016
Joining me today is Clay Collins. He’s a guy who, back in 2012, came on to say that listening to Mixergy interviews inspired him to go from creating information products to creating software. At the time he only had two pieces of software that weren’t even connected into a company but he...

LeadPlayer: Have A Software Idea But No Developer?

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Oct 1, 2012
If you're not a developer, but you want a developer to help you think through your software idea, how do you do it?

How To Get Tons Of People To Tell You The EXACT Product They’re Desperate To Buy From You . . . And THEN “Pre-Buy” It BEFORE You Create It

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Jan 12, 2012
Imagine creating your next product and KNOWING it will sell because your customers TOLD YOU they'd buy it before you poured your time into making it. In fact, let's go a step further. Imagine your customers actually gave you money for this product before you built it and now they're cheering you on and helping you create it, because they feel like they're on a mission WITH YOU. Now stop imaging and listen to this program, because...
Master Class Course


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Jan 10, 2012
Clay Collins is the founder of the Interactive Offer, a program that shows people how to co-create a product with their target market and then pre-sell it to them before they made it.

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