By invitation:
Who wants to get together socially in San Francisco?

Since I just moved to San Francisco, I want to organize a few events that are modeled on something that I saw when I lived in Argentina.

In Buenos Aires, Morgan Friedman and his wife Celia organized events where people didn’t talk about work. As a result, even though many of us worked in the tech space, we got to really know each other as people and we formed more meaningful relationships.

The other nice benefit of that environment is that we all felt comfortable inviting spouses, girlfriends, new friends, etc. to join us, and they never felt bored by the kind of shop talk that we already have loads of places to get into.

Does that sound like something you’d want to be a part of?

Request your invitation:

Sorry. This is over. I met a lot of people through these events and we’re still friends.

  • Tom Cruz

    Lol is his name really Morgan Friedman (thought my name – Tom Cruz) was tough haha

  • Andrew Warner


    His name (and yours) is so much easier to remember because of that connection.

    If you ask entrepreneurs who worked from Buenos Aires about Morgan, I bet they’ll have great stories.

  • Nabil Feisal

    Looking forward to a great networking and sharing event which gets people together based on stronger common grounds.

  • Tom Cruz

    Oh ya, thats definitely true (no one forgets our names lol)

    By the way did you and ever really give away a billion?

  • Daniel Darden

    Cheers, Andrew
    Congrats on the SF move. Looking forward to your West Coast success.

    When you make your way to Napa Valley – I would be happy to show you around.

  • Adam Worsham

    Welcome to SF!

  • Andrew Warner

    Thanks. I’m still making rookie mistakes here.

    When I see you, remind me to tell you about the whiskey bottle I bought.

  • Andrew Warner

    I can’t wait to spend time in Napa Valley.

    Should be a good weekend getaway.

    Hope to see you there.

  • Andrew Warner

    I wish we had, but we didn’t. We paid Warren Buffett’s company to insure it. If there was a winner, his company would have paid.

    If you search inside the book “Snowball” for “” you’ll see how Buffett feels about the deal.

  • Espree Devora

    Andrew, Liam Martin is in SF right now (he’s based in Canada as you know). You should touch base to meet in person while he’s there

  • John Corcoran

    I read The Snowball a couple of years ago – it’s a great book. I’ll have to find the book so I can look up Buffet’s thoughts on your deal.

  • Nasim Pakmanesh

    Andrew, if you want to see hidden parts of SF besides the usual tourist stuff, would be happy to throw you some insider info.