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Discover How To Profitably Buy Facebook Ads


Do you know?

You know those little ads on the side of Facebook pages?

Turns out they’re very powerful. Even though they don’t cost much, they can send massive traffic and customers to you.

The problem is that most of us don’t know how to use them properly, and the people who do, won’t reveal what they’re doing.

I’ve had the founders of Sun, Groupon, LinkedIn and over 400 companies say “yes” to letting me interview them on Mixergy, but I couldn’t get a single proven Facebook marketer to come on and reveal his tactics.

The change

That all changed recently.

One of my fans did all the hard work for me and got Jesse Pujji to agree to do an interview. Jesse didn’t reveal every single tactic that he uses at his marketing company, Ampush Media, but what he told me before and during the interview was stunning and incredibly effective.

Hey, do you remember how in 2003 Google ads were a mystery to most people, but a few ad buyers knew Google’s power and were building companies and acquiring customers on the cheap?

Well Jesse says Facebook today is like Google was in 2003.

When I published the interview with Jesse, listeners emailed me and said, “You’ve got to get him to teach a course on how to buy Facebook ads.”

Well, I talked to him and Jesse agreed to do it, and it’s one of the best Master Classes we’ve put together so far.

What You Get:

– The full course in streaming format

– The 90-minute course in MOV if you prefer to watch on the go

– The 90-minute course in MP3 format to listen with your iPod

– Jesse’s very own CPM spreadsheet for effectively tackling Facebook Ad ROI

What You Learn:

Differences between buying ads on search engines and Facebook
If you already have experience buying ads, you’ll see how existing techniques relate to Facebook marketing

How to increase clicks and conversions
You’ll see some “I can’t believe that works!” techniques for getting both clicks and increasing conversions after you get those clicks.

How micro-targeting can help you reach the perfect users
To paraphrase a famous CEO, you’ll learn how to get very “close to the creepy line,” but not over it.

How to ensure a return on investment
When I talked about this course with premium members they kept asking for ways to “measure ROI,” so I’ll make sure you get a way to measure and grow your return on investment.

What to do with Facebook traffic
Should you send people to a squeeze page on your site? Should you send them to your fan page? What’s best, and more importantly, how exactly does the best way grow your business?

What kind of results you should expect
Chances are you already have a lot of experience with other ads so you know what’s a win and what’s not. But what does a win look like with Facebook ads? What does a successful ad mean?

Answers to your issues
I added a lot of topics in this section, but I might have missed one that’s important to you. Have I? Good. You’ll get a chance to ask it before we start.

“I even want my ad buyer to take it with me.”

When I showed the course topics to a founder I asked him, “Is this useful for you? Or am I getting carried away with this course because buying Facebook ads profitably is important to me?”

He said, “Are you kidding me? 1/3 of pay-per-click ads my competitors are buying are from Facebook now. If I get one useful idea from the course, it’s worth thousands of dollars to my company. I even want my ad buyer to take it with me.”

If you’re buying online ads or considering buying ads, I think this course will be very valuable. You’ll see why advertisers pay Jesse’s company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you’re not sure…

Not to worry, all Mixergy Master Class sessions come with a full guarantee. Hear Jesse’s expertise, see if it’s right for your business. If not and you’d like a refund, just ask and it’s yours. And, of course, you can keep the video of this course plus all the course material as my gift to you.

Andrew Warner