The First $10K Series


We’re going to be doing a different kind of series on Mixergy.

There’s a lot of people in our audience that are just starting out. (I’m talking new-car-smell fresh.)

This series is going to be geared towards helping them.

We’ve all been there.

When you’re just getting started it can be inspirational to learn from founders who are generating millions in revenue but it can also be hard to relate.

Sometimes it’s difficult to think that far down the road when you’re eating Ramen, returning clothes to J. Crew (like Andrew did to start his first business), or still working a 9-5 and growing your company on the side.

So with that in mind — I’m happy to tell you that we’re going to be running a series called The First $10K

What’s even cooler is that we’re going to be doing a lot of these interviews with Mixergy members.

Here are the details:
– We’re only keeping the application page open for 72 hours.

– We’re going to be getting a lot of applications. The sooner you submit your story, the better chance you have of being selected.

– Normally, Mixergy guests generate at least 7 figures in annual revenue. We’re going to be accepting much smaller companies during this series.

Here’s your chance to tell your story and be a part of something new at Mixergy.

The application process is closed. We’re picking interviewees for this series now.

Written by Alex Champagne — Head Mixergy Booking Producer.

  • Irina Z

    Andrew, I love this initiative! I absolutely agree that people learn best from people they can relate to. One of the first interviews that inspired the heck of of me was Laura Roeder’s. I am a young girl and a web developer as well. Seeing her having so much success made me truly think that I can do the same.

    I have since met her at this year’s Microconf and shared how much her interview impacted me. She said she hears that all the time about this particular interview.

    I wish I was far along to qualify for this series, but I am exciting to watch all the interviews!

  • Mike

    This is Awesome Andrew. I’m currently working a 9-5 and building Findmydentist as a side gig. It’s incredibly difficult from so many angles but Mixergy gives me the inspiration to go on. Another topic to discuss is the concept of “Burn Out”. Do entrepreneurs just fight through burn out? I’ve heard a few stories of where someone feels burnt out and literally ditches the entire business. I don’t think that’s very realistic for those who have invested tens of thousands of their personal savings and several years of their time. Could you get into that as well? Thanks!

  • Mitesh

    A great idea, I’ve started a full-time job but once I’m settled. I’m going to carry on building my side business. I’ve even managed to get a supplier interested in my venture and he’s eagerly waiting when I become operational.

  • JDwilliams21

    really good idea Andrew… Can’t wait to hear the interviews.

  • Michael Kimbell

    I’d be very interested in hearing about these. 37Signals did a Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud series a while back. Hearing about the early days was the most fun (and informative)

  • Kyle Patrick McCrary


    I’ve been wanting something like this to pop up on Mixergy.

    Unfortunately, it’s before my time. Not quite at the $10K mark, so my biased
    suggestion is that you keep this series open through 2014 ;)

    Looking forward to the relatable interviews!

  • handsomejoe

    Burnout is just state of mind. If you accept it exists, then it does. It’s like fear. Yes, we do get tired and i mean really tired “of everything”, starting to question everything ect…but all you gotto do is just continue. Once you make it you will instantly identify those burnouts as “nothing”.

    The problem is “most people say i invested so many years and my savings into this”, this is my life bla bla, then u ask them “are you on this full time”? Their answer is : no of course not, i have to take care of my family, i have a 9-5 job.

    I always followed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s philosophy. You take one thing, put all your focus into it. make it work. If you can’t focus everything on it don’t start. All you are going to do is waste money, faith, time…

    It’s like having water for only one tree, and giving that same water to 2 trees. Both die eventually. If you only focus on one and give fully everything you got to that one tree, that one tree will give you all the fruits and more seeds. now u can go and plant as many tree’s as you want.

    Just understand this one thing, It is possible, it’s not a fairy tale and you can make it work. It’s like a game, u play over and over again and every time u find more clues and u solve that game. It’s really is.

    Passion makes you start something. Percevierence and doing the things you hate makes you finish it. The second one makes you grow, passion fuels your perseverance and makes you do the things you hate. (waking up early, sleeping 5-6 hours a day, working out to stay healthy ect).+ working after your 9-5 and not just “pretending to your self that you are working by finding motivation all the time, reading self help books ect…) alot of people become self help junky’s and think they are “entrepreneurs” but in reality they are entrepreneur.

    I heard this quote somewhere, don’t know where, “Success is buried in the garden of failure, and man it’s so true. The bigger the things u want the bigger the garden, the more u have to dig,=> the more you dig, the more times u fail, because you don’t find it, and eventually all the garden is digged up and your treasure is there. Take this from me, a stranger, it’s really there if you really dig it.

    Don’t see this as getting lucky, to find it, 9 out of 10 you have to dig the whole garden to find the treasure. If you get lucky fine, but understand it’s not luck it’s just mathematical calculations of the things you did, until you found the solution.

    There is also this other quote; the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Like quiting your job, focusing on your business, 80% of people are afraid to do it ect…

    just remember one thing, 100 years from now, it wouldn’t matter what u chose to do today… did you chose to just kill the time, do the things u want to do, nothing will matter, we will all be gone…so 100 year later, it does not matter if u and me we just kill our selfs now or just live it fully… (i’m talking about it will not matter for us)

    So there is really no reason to be afraid, and not go till the end.

    Every now and then i get caught in the entrepreneurial spirit :) and write long posts.. lool

    If you truly believe in what you are doing, nothing can stop you, burnout, fear ect, it all goes away. It may also mean you are in the wrong business. You should reconsider.

    Never, and i say never do something because the idea sounds so cool and unique. Do something because you know you whatever happens you will never leave your ship even if it goes down. Because the ship is you, that whatever you are doing is you, so u will never quit, u can’t quit, u can’t lie to your self and pretend you are somebody else. Like most music artists…

    Next time u think ur in “Burnout”, just burn it down and continue.
    Greetings Handsomejoe

  • Zulfiqar Syed

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is will be extremely helpful…

  • imlou

    That’s really cool :) looking forward to it!

  • Bix

    This is an excellent idea! I assume many Mixergy viewers are early stage entrepreneurs. The first $10K is therefore most relevant to us. Coming up with ideas is the easy part, implementing them is the hard part. Achieving the first $10K validates an idea and encourages entrepreneurs to make a greater commitment to their venture. It will be great to hear stories of how others have gotten past this important milestone.

  • Irina Z

    What are you working on, Kyle – do you want to share?

  • Andrew Warner

    Thanks, but I can’t take credit for this one. It’s Alex’s initiative.

  • handsomejoe

    You will never be Settled or Ready. There is no such thing as being ready. nobody is ever ready for something, there will always something that will go wrong. Just start now and go for it and understand ur going to have 90% shitty days and 10% good days…until you make it :) Also “don’t see it as a sidebusiness”. Side business means your job is more important, if it is, then u will fail. and believe me you will fail. Your business should be more important then your job. SO this means you are doing your business with a sidejob :)

  • Kyle Patrick McCrary

    Probably not just yet, Irina. I have a neat story but it’s just me (and volunteer friends), so I don’t have a structure in place for national traffic.
    I appreciate the interest! :)

  • Irina Z

    No prob, good luck!

  • Eddie Yoon

    Just found out that I’ll be interviewed for this! Huge honor and very excited.

    Can’t wait to talk with you Andrew.