You won’t believe how Stu McLaren got his first sale [clip]

After I recorded my interview with Stu McLaren about how he built WishList Member into a multi-million dollar WordPress plugin, Jeremy Weisz, who pre-interviewed him, told me, “YOU MISSED THE BEST STORY!”

He was right, so I asked Jeremy to record the story with Stu.


  • Vikram Anand

    Very powerful reminder of the power of ‘The Ripple Effect’. Glad that first sale set of a positive spiral in your mind, Stu!

  • Andrew Warner

    Yeah. It set him on a great path.

  • Dennis Gorelik

    That first sale could have been misleading and result in extra couple of months of wasted efforts.

  • Scott Millar

    what’s with Jeremy’s lab coat?

  • Joel

    Great story. I got chills :D

  • Jeremy Weisz

    It was such a great story! It was such a pivotal mindset shift with that first sale. Once he knew it was possible it set the stage for everything to come.

  • Jeremy Weisz

    Hey Scott.. They call me Dr. J :)

  • Stu McLaren

    Hopefully it provides some inspiration for everyone… it all starts with that first sale!

  • Stu McLaren

    You’re right Jeremy… it was the shift in mindset that occurred as a result of that first sale.

  • Stu McLaren


  • vanae

    that was so touching! i remember my first sale too and it was proof that naysayers were wrong.

    faith and hope to get us going.

  • Cornell Green


  • Giancarlo Gallegos

    It just takes that one person to believe in what you do, to inspire you to do great things. When I had my first sale on my travel project, I was jumping for joy because here is someone I don’t know who believes in the product. And maybe there are few more out there. Turns out 50 people signed up for my project all in a span of 2 weeks. The person who believed in me was my Mom. She told me never give because great things will happen after this. And it sure did! ^_^

  • yusufchowdhury

    So inspiring. Great interview

  • William Shaker

    Great story dude, I was in your shoes in 2001. I’m right there with ya!

  • Stephanie Treasure

    Wow! This is a very inspiring story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Arthur Cundy

    That’s such a good story…wow. $7.95 changed his life.

  • Owen McGab Enaohwo

    @jeremyweisz:disqus how do you get these wonderful stories out of entrepreneurs! You ROCK BALLS!

  • John Corcoran

    I love this story. I love that his brother in law didn’t tell Stu about it until years later. That was really good of him.