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How to sell your site’s first ads
even if you don’t have enough traffic

• How to get an agency to sell your ads or sell them yourself

• How to figure out what to charge by seeing competitors’ prices

• How to make ads look good on your site and enhance your image

• How to sell out your ads and increase prices

Andrew’s story. Why he sold ads early:

Before I got that email from a troll, I was really proud of the first ad that I landed for my site (the one you’re on right now).

I remember calling out to my wife, “Olivia, check out this order! My passion project is actually producing a little revenue. Let’s go out to dinner for a celebration.”

A reader responds to my ad

Then I got that email from a troll. “Andrew, you have no traffic. Why are you selling ads? They’ll kill your credibility.”

I didn’t know the guy and he should have had zero effect on me, but he bummed me out. I sold the sponsorship because I was trying to figure out if ads are the right monetization strategy for my site, but I started to second guess myself.

So I start tweaking

I thought about pulling down the ad, but I had an agreement with my sponsor to it for a month. So instead of pulling it down, I tweaked it over and over.

I started learning everything I could about placement and presentation and ad sales. If you’ve been a long time fan of my site, you saw some of my early failed experiments. Most people reading this have no clue because I didn’t have much traffic back then. One of the advantages of selling ads early is that fewer people are around to see when you flub.

I learn something shocking

I spent months working to get my ads right and I learned a few shocking things along the way. For example, when done right, ads didn’t kill my credibility, they enhanced it. People took my site more seriously when they saw companies sponsor my work.

I also learned that there are more efficient ways for small to medium size sites to sell ads than to make sales calls. For example, have you seen that “Sponsor” link on my homepage? I get more ad requests from that thing than I can handle, but I had to learn how to do it right.

My ads start to pay off

Today, my ads pay for an office, an editor, a researcher and other people that help run my site and grow my audience, which leaves me room to focus on the part of my work that I’m passionate about.

That troll was wrong. Ads didn’t kill anything on my site. They grew my site. I’m glad I started early.

What About You?

Is your site still relatively new?

Have you considered generating ad revenue?

I created a course to show you how to get ad revenue now.

If you sell just one ad as a result of this course, it’ll be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to your site.

To ensure you get results, I did the course with Todd Garland, founder of BuySellAds. I specifically asked Todd to lead this course because he’s who I turned to for advice when I was growing my ad revenue. His site, BuySellAds handles ads for over 2,900 site owners, so there are many founders like me who trust him.

What you get in this course

• Fully downloadable session in both audio and video formats

• Full course notes, including a list of agencies that will sell your ads

• 100% money back guarantee, if you’re not happy for any reason

Andrew Warner

PS Of course, if you’re less than excited about the results from this course, I’ll give you your money back. I want to know you for the rest of your life so I’m eager to see you happy.