Pallav Nadhani

How can an unfunded, first-time entrepreneur build a multi-million dollar business selling graphs?

You’ll hear how it happened in this interview with Pallav Nadhani, a Mixergy fan who created FusionCharts in 2002 when he was just 17. With happy customers such as LinkedIn, his business did $4.5 million in sales last year. I invited him to Mixergy to hear the inspiring story of how he did it. Also, since he launched a new seed investment fund (it’s like Y Combinator, but in India), I…

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SuperConf - The awesomest conference in Miami, Feb 2011

If you’re applying to present your startup @ SuperConf, you should name-drop “Mixergy.” Austin, who runs the conference, said he’ll give my readers extra attention since I’m speaking at SuperConf and promoting it.

Even if you’re not planning to present, I hope you attend so we could get together for a drink. Now that I’m back in the US, I want to take opportunities like this to meet you in person and get to know what you’re working on.

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David Garland

David Siteman Garland’s new book, Smarter, Faster, Cheaper, talks about how entrepreneurs use new media to promote their businesses by teaching instead of selling and cultivating communities instead of advertising.

I invited him to Mixergy to share a few stories of the entrepreneurs he profiled in his book and teach the techniques they use.

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Mitchell Harper

Mitchell Harper and his co-founder’s first project was software that made web page creation easy. They priced it at $149, and by selling an average of 20 copies per day, they reached a million dollars in revenue after one year. You’ll hear the clever way they marketed their app in this interview.

You’ll also hear how they built followup products by constantly asking their customers what they should create next. Today, their most popular creation is BigCommerce, an ecommerce platform that powers 10,000 online stores.

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Patrick Manning Curtis

Patrick Curtis is a Mixergy viewer who recently emailed me his site’s finances and said he was in Argentina. When I asked why he was in South America, he said it’s because he bootstrapped a profitable community that he could run from anywhere.

His company is Wall Street Oasis, an online finance community that offers career guidance. I invited him to teach how he built it.

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Scott Gerber - Never Get A Real Job

Scott Gerber, CEO of Gerber Enterprises, says riding the “everyone is a winner” bandwagon will make you mediocre.

I invited him to talk about why we need to stop giving everyone a first place trophy, to give blunt guidance for entrepreneurs, and to talk about his new book, “Never Get a ‘Real’ Job.”

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