About Bankruptcy Attorney - Russ DeMott

When I interviewed the founder of SEOMoz a few weeks ago, he revealed how he had over $500,000 in debt at one point in his career and needed to hide from creditors. When I responded by calling for a lawyer to do an interview about how to deal with heavy debt because it’s so common, Russell DeMott emailed and volunteered to help out.

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This Wednesday, September 15, Mosses Akizian is organizing a Los Angeles meetup that I think you should check out. In addition to meeting and getting to know other Mixergy listeners, you’ll also hear from two past interviewees that Mosses specifically picked because they were so popular when I had them on Mixergy.

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David Skok

David Skok tells a story about how rethinking his sales cycle helped him generate sales of $3.5 million in one day, after doing $4 million the whole previous year. Of course that’s not a typical result, but as you listen to him explain how he did it, you’ll see how the methodical way that he thinks about the customer acquisition process can be applied to your company.

You’ll hear several stories like that in this interview as I ask David about the companies he launched when he was an entrepreneur and the ones he helps grow now that he’s a venture capitalist.

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Lew Cirne New Relic

When his big idea came to him, Lew Cirne says, “I was so excited about the idea I almost drove off the road.” His vision for a way to make any Java program self-diagnostic led him to create Wily Technology. In this interview, you’ll hear how he turned that idea into a company, how he got his first customers, how he hired people to help him grow it, and why he sold it eight years later to CA for $375 million.

You’ll also hear how he’s taking what he learned at Wily and using it to grow his current company, New Relic, which…

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Amanda Freeman

Remember when I interviewed the founder of Ideal Bite about about how she sold her email newsletter business for a reported $20 million?

Jason Baptiste saw it and told me that Vital Juice is backed by the same investor (Pilot Group) and already has a bigger mailing list. So I invited Vital Juice’s co-founder Amanda Freeman to do an interview and teach how she built her business and why you should consider giving email more attention.

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