Christian Owens

Short story: he created a quick and dirty web page to collect email addresses of people who wanted to hear about discounted Mac software. Then he sent email to software developers and found some who let him bundle their software and sell it at a discount. Then he sold thousands of dollars of software. He keeps repeating that process and plowing back a share of his profits into marketing so he could grow his customer base.

Want to hear the step-by-step details?

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Farbood Nivi

The short answer to the headline’s question is that Farbood Nivi was obsessively committed.

Listen to the interview to hear details of how he did it, including: How he worked on Grockit in the hospital while recovering from a terrible accident. What he did to win over an early investor who felt is presentation wasn’t strong enough. And how his passion was so contagious that top investors wanted to help him reach his goal of remaking education.

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Peter Sisson

Today Peter Sisson is the founder of Line2, one of the hottest apps in the iPhone app store because it lets users skip AT&T, reduce their phone bills, and get incredible reception. The business seems to be the latest in a string of successes in Peter’s career, including one business that he sold to Microsoft a few months after helping to co-found it.

But his first startup suffered the…

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Garry Kremen

Gary Kremen got,,, and other domains for free by recognizing that the internet would be a powerful business platform long before there was even a fee for acquiring domain names.

In the interview, you’ll hear how this visionary turned his ideas into businesses, and how he fought relentlessly when one of his properties — — was taken from him. What I think you’ll especially appreciate about this interview is Gary’s…

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