Wes Wilson - Brandstack

A past Mixergy interviewee told me that customers were confused every time he said his company’s name. So he went to Brandstack and bought a brand package that included a new name, with logo and domain name.

A few viewers who saw that interview told me that Brandstack was a profitable company and asked me interview the founder about how he did it. That’s why I invited Wes Wilson to do this interview. Listen to the full program to hear…

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Michael Fitzpatrick

You’ll hear Michael Fitzpatrick of ConnectSolutions explain why he doesn’t believe all those warm and fuzzy blog posts about how entrepreneurs can lead balanced lives. For three years, he and his co-founder were on non-stop, high alert. If you called at 3am, they knew about it.

Maybe Michael had a little more pressure to succeed than most. He…

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Pull This Move. Get The Sale. [clip]

Christine Comaford

I pulled this clip from my interview with Christine Comaford, CEO of Mighty Ventures. You can read or see the answer here. (And you should grab the full interview.)

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Mariam Naficy of Minted

I was wrong. I assumed the founders of Eve.com lost everything. Not only did co-founder Mariam Naficy tell me that she didn’t lose it all, she jokingly offered to show me a copy of the check she got for her part of the business. (Maybe it wasn’t a joke. Let me know what you think after you listen.)

Today Miriam is running Minted.com, which creates beautifully designed stationary and invitations that are crowds-sourced.

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