Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson launched Manpacks as a way for men who hate to shop to get underwear by subscription.

Good idea, but his site just sat there, unused and unnoticed. Then someone submitted it to Hacker News, the social news site for entrepreneurs, and suddenly “it got us tons of hits on the site,” Ken says. The Hacker News audience wasn’t a sales windfall for Manpacks, but it gave the site enough traffic to test different marketing ideas and see what increased conversions and it led to coverage in other media…

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Sal Khan Interview

Remember how shocked I was when I interviewed Sal Khan of the Khan Academy and he told me that he used while someone else was squatting on

John Humphrey of DomainNoob heard that interview.

Wait till you see what he did.

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Jason L Baptiste

How do you get your first $10,000 in sales with a part-time project and a “ghetto launch”? That’s what I invited Jason Baptiste to teach.

He launched PadPressed, which enables blogs and other publications to automatically make their content iPad friendly. What you’ll hear in this program is how he developed his idea, why he insisted on an imperfect launch, how he got coverage for his new product, and the exact tools he uses to get customers to pay.

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Dan Martell of Flowtown

Want to learn how to build a product or feature that customers will love? Learn from the man who got it wrong seven times before finally figuring out the right way to launch.

When I interviewed Dan Martell of Flowtown, he told an incredibly useful story about how he kept failing and failing at product development before he finally figured out the right way to do it. I thought it was so helpful that I decided to edit it out of our interview and make it into its own program.

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Dan Martell

The only thing Dan Martell & I agreed we wouldn’t reveal in this interview is the price he got when he sold his consulting company, Spheric Technologies (though he was willing to say it was more than a million dollars). Other than that, he was shockingly open, which makes this one of the most useful bootstrap case studies on Mixergy.

He revealed how he…

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David Cohen

Since there’s no audiobook version of Do More Faster (and since I think I did an especially good job here), consider this program the next best thing.

So what’s Do More Faster? It’s a collection of the best advice that the co-founders of TechStars give the founders they invest in and guide, along with chapters written by TechStars mentors, like Tim Ferriss and Ben Huh.

I invited David Cohen, the book’s co-author, to teach you the book’s seven big themes.

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Alexander Straub

After years of persevering through rejection when he called on customers and investors Alexander Straub funded his company, Mondus, a business to business marketplace, by winning an entrepreneurship contest. A year later, he exited after selling 40.7% of the company.

Alexander went on to invest and launch other businesses, including, most recently, Truphone, which uses VoIP technology to revolutionize mobile communication, Empora, a fashion search engine and Straub Ventures, a venture capital firm.

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Sandy Kory

How do you build a company that others are eager to buy?

That’s the big question for this interview. Joining me is Sandy Kory, Managing Director of Horizon Partners. It’s a boutique investment bank that helps bootstrapped growing Internet and tech companies raise money and sell their businesses. Since he helps founders achieve their big exits, I invited him to talk about what he learned as he helped sell companies.

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