Fred Destin

When you’re building a new business, “it is hard enough to fight an IBM or a Google or a Microsoft or a YouTube” says Fred Destin. You shouldn’t also have to “fight the jargon of the people who are funding you. So what I’m trying to do is help entrepreneurs get inside the mind of the VC so they understand how funds are managed, what investors look for, and how not to get screwed.”

That’s exactly what he did in this interview. Fred is a venture capitalist with Atlas Venture.

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Derek Ball

How did Tynt convince 600,000 web sites to rethink two of the oldest computer actions, copy and paste?

That’s what I invited the company’s founder, Derek Ball to talk about. You’ve seen Tynt in action if you ever pasted text that you copied from a web site and noticed that an attribution link somehow ended up after the text you pasted. If you’re trying to get traction and grow a new idea, listen to how Derek did it….

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Jeffrey Bussgang

My aim with this program is to cover the basics of venture capital, including questions like “How does a VC earn money?” and “What are the different roles inside a VC firm?”

Joining me is Jeffrey Bussgang, a VC with Flybridge Capital Partners and the author of Mastering the VC Game: A Venture Capital Insider Reveals How to Get from Start-up to IPO on Your Terms. Previously, Jeff was an entrepreneur whose accomplishments include co-founding Upromise, which was acquired by Sallie Mae.

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Owen Mcgab Enaohwo

Maybe I open up too much in this one. In this program you’re going to find out why being a teenage loser helped drive me to outwork other people, and how I forced myself to build a hit company.

Because I don’t have a guest scheduled for today, instead of my usual program where I interview others, I am posting an interview with a viewer named Owen McGab Enaohwo, who asked to interview me for his site, which helps people who want to hire a virtual assistant.

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Hugh Forrest

How do you build a community that people are willing to get on a plane and fly out to be a part of? Every March, over 14,000 smartphone-carrying, web-site building hipsters (like me) flood Austin Texas for SXSW Interactive.

They come to to talk business, to hear about the future of tech from people who help shape it, and to drink. Hugh Forrest is the event director for sxsw interactive. I invited him here to find how the event grew to be so big and influential.

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Neil Patel

If you’re ready to give up on your web app after a year, there’s a good chance Neil Patel wants to make a deal to buy it from you. That’s because, after building CrazyEgg, his visual web site analytics package, he knows that it can take a long time — and some creative marketing — for a product to build revenue. Most people don’t have that kind of patience, so he can buy their sites on the cheap.

This is the story of how…

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Brian Crane

I recently got an email from a Mixergy viewer who told me that he’s running a profitable online store which sells ammunition. You know, bullets. And it’s not a small business. He said his company, LuckyGunner, profitably booked $3.2 million in revenue within 12 months. Apparently, Obama’s victory and the recession helped him.

I invited him to Mixergy to talk about how he did it and to teach online sales. He said, “No.” But…

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Ryan Abood

When Ryan Abood noticed gift basket sales at his parents’ flower store grow, even though they weren’t being promoted, he launched Last year his revenue was $8.7 million.

This is the story of how growing up in an entrepreneurial family taught him to build a business by working long after his competitors went home for the night. And, as you’ll see, what he learned from his parents helped him to perceiver when Google cut off his access to customers at a critical time and to compete against much bigger players in the gift basket space.

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Jeff Butterworth

Jeff Butterworth is a founder who dropped out of school and started his company. He didn’t have much money, so he decided to make what he thought would be a simple product, a plug-in. As you’ll hear, it was more complicated than he expected, but he kept working on his business and, even as other companies raised venture capital to compete with him, he remained self-funded. His company, Alien Skin Software, broke a million dollars in revenue three years after launching and stayed above a million dollars and profitable ever since.

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Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik is the man many of the entrepreneurs I interviewed turn to when they want to use analytics to uncover ways to increase conversions, decide what to build next or figure out why sales aren’t growing. He’s Google’s Analytics Evangelist and the author of two best-selling books on analytics.

I know this will be one of your favorite programs because…

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